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Kate Gosselin Bikini Pics

Kate Gosselin Bikini PicsThe co-Star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin was recently pictured in a bikini at Bald Island in North Carolina. I must say she looks really good for someone who had 8 kids.
The reality show star is going through some tough times after learning about her husbands extra-marital affairs with young college students. Jon Gosselin, who has been accused of carrying on affairs with college students all over the nation is somehow still with his wife after 10 years.

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Brooks Perlin

Brooks PerlinThings continue to heat up between Katie Couric and her entrepreneur boyfriend Brooks Perlin. The couple have become more affectionate in public, even going as far as to allow pictures taken of them kissing.

Couric is 50 years old, making her 17 years Perlin’s senior. "The age difference scared her off at first," says a friend of the CBS Evening News anchor, who agreed to have dinner with Perlin a few weeks after chatting with him at a Manhattan cancer fund-raiser in September.

"Perlin is a nice guy," says Couric's friend. "He's extremely smart. He's honest. He doesn't play games. He's sweet. Normal. Really grounded. It's a drama-free relationship."

Perlin is a highly educated entrepreneur from Connecticut; he attended Williams College.

Some people remain skeptical as to how healthy these large age gap relationships can really be. Is true love blind to age?

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