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Unicorn Deer Sightings

'Unicorn' deer spotted

ROME -- A deer with a single horn in the centre of its head - much like the fabled, mythical unicorn - has been found in a nature preserve in Italy.

The Roe Deer was born in captivity in a park in the town of Prato, near Florence.

He is believed to have a genetic flaw. Single-horned deer are rare, but the central positioning of the horn is even rarer.

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A deer with a single horn in the centre of its head - much like the fabled, mythical unicorn - has been spotted in a nature preserve in Italy.

"This is fantasy becoming reality," Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Centre of Natural Sciences in Prato, said. "The unicorn has always been a mythological animal."


The one-year-old Roe Deer - nicknamed "Unicorn" - was born in captivity in the research centre's park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence, Tozzi said.

He is believed to have been born with a genetic flaw; his twin has two horns. Calling it the first time he has seen such a case, Tozzi said such anomalies among deer may have inspired the myth of the unicorn.

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Friday The 13th


Both the number thirteen and Friday have been considered unlucky:

  • In numerology, the number twelve is considered the number of completeness, as reflected in the twelve months of the year, twelve recognized signs of the zodiac, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve Apostles of Jesus, etc., whereas the number thirteen was considered irregular, transgressing this completeness.[2] There is also a superstition, thought by some to derive from the Last Supper, that having thirteen people seated at a table will result in the death of one of the diners.
  • Friday, as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified, has been viewed both positively and negatively among Christians. The actual day of Crucifixion was the 14th day of Nissan in the Hebrew Lunar calendar which does not correspond to "Friday" in the solar calendar of Rome. The 15th day of Nissan (beginning at Sundown) is celebration of Passover.

Despite the onus on the two separated elements, there is no evidence for a link between the two before the 19th century. The earliest known reference in English occurs in a 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini:

[Rossini] was surrounded to the last by admiring and affectionate friends; and if it be true that, like so many other Italians, he regarded Friday as an unlucky day, and thirteen as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday, the 13th of November, he died.[3]

However, only in the 20th century did the superstition receive greater audience, as

Friday the 13th doesn't even merit a mention in E. Cobham Brewer's voluminous 1898 edition of the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, though one does find entries for "Friday, an Unlucky Day" and "Thirteen Unlucky." When the date of ill fate finally does make an appearance in later editions of the text, it is without extravagant claims as to the superstition's historicity or longevity.[4]

Though the superstition developed relatively recently, much older origins are often claimed for it, most notably in the novel The Da Vinci Code (and later the film), which traced the belief to the arrest of the Knights Templar on Friday October 13, 1307.[4]

Effects in people and cultures

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, more than 67 million people are affected by a fear of this day. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines like doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. "$800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day".[2] Despite this, representatives for both Delta and Continental Airlines say that their airlines don't suffer from any noticeable drop in travel on those Fridays.[5]

A British Medical Journal study has shown that there is a significant increase in traffic-related accidents on Fridays the 13th.[6]

Planned events on Fridays the 13th

Some events are intentionally scheduled for Friday the 13th for dramatic effect. They include:

  • The first TV special on iCarly, "iCarly Saves TV" is planned to be aired on June 13, 2008.

Natural events on Fridays the 13th

Due to the large number of events that happen in the world, a similar list could be compiled for any combination of day of the month and day of the week.

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Cedar Rapids Flooding

Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, as the flood continues to rise in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Cedar River, which runs through the center of town, is expected to rise to 24.5', well above historic levels. Parts of the town have been evacuated and the rest of us just sit and watch the huge and hungry river rise and begin to devour our town.

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Cedar Rapids Holds for Historic River Crest

More than 3,900 homes were evacuated and part of downtown Cedar Rapids was under water Thursday as Iowa splashed through another day of flooding.

cedar river
Volunteers place sandbags along a flooded road in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The city is reportedly calling for the evacuation of more than 8,000 of its residents as flood waters from the rain-soaked Cedar River continue to rise.
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
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Officials estimated that 100 blocks in Cedar Rapids were under water.

"We're seeing very substantial flooding," said Craig Hanson, the city's public works maintenance manager.

Cedar Rapids' problems came a day after frantic sandbagging enabled the upstream cities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo to narrowly avoid widespread flooding.

Despite several days spent preparing for the approaching high water, Cedar Rapids couldn't avoid widespread evacuations. Rescuers had to use boats to reach many of the residents stranded in nearly 4,000 homes.

"It's going door to door to make sure people don't need to be rescued, cause right now they can't get out on their own," said Dave Koch, a spokesman for the Cedar Rapids Fire Department. "It's just too deep."

In downtown, flood waters neared the top of stop signs and cars were nearly covered in water. People could be seen dragging suitcases up closed highway exit ramps to escape the water.

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OSU's Rickie Fowler - Youngest Golfer In US Open

After a missed chance, Fowler lucks into the U.S. Open field

Oklahoma State golfer Rickie Fowler's other plans weren't bad. But still, he's where he wants to be.

He was scheduled to work at OSU's golf camp before flying off to play the British Amateur next week at Turnberry in Scotland.

But starting Thursday, he'll be playing at cool, breezy Torrey Pines in San Diego in the U.S. Open, roughly an hour away from his hometown of Murrieta, Calif.

It wasn't an easy path.

Fowler failed to earn one of seven spots up for grabs in an 11-golfer playoff at last week's sectional qualifier in Columbus, Ohio.

He was the last player knocked out. Afterward, he and his mother, Lynn, drove four hours from Columbus to the Sunnehanna Amateur in Johnstown, Pa.

Fowler was fuming at the missed opportunity. The next morning, he got a text message from a U.S. Golf Association official informing him Shaun Micheel had withdrawn from the Open due to an injury. Fowler, a first alternate, was in.

Fowler then won the Sunnehanna for the second straight year, a huge confidence boost heading into the biggest tournament of his life.

When he tees off Thursday morning,

Fowler will be the youngest participant in the 156-player field at 19 years, six months.

"It's a well-deserved trip home, but one that I definitely had to work hard for," Fowler said.

He just completed one of the top freshman seasons in OSU history, but golf isn't new to the Cowboy.

Fowler started playing at 4. Seven years ago, at a driving range in Murrieta, Fowler's former teammate, Andrew Cortez, got his first glance at Fowler.

Fowler, in the seventh grade at the time, pounded several golf balls long and straight down the range. Cortez, a year older than Fowler, introduced himself to the young phenom.

"I had no idea who he was because he looked so young," Cortez said. "He looked like your average kid. He'd come over to me and say 'What's up dude?' But watching his play then, you knew he had the chance to be special."

Cortez quickly became good friends with the affable Fowler, and has kept close tabs on his career. He caddied for him the past two summers in amateur tournaments around the country.

Thursday morning, Cortez will caddie for Fowler at Torrey Pines. It will be a realization of the talent Cortez witnessed in Fowler's early years.

Cortez played on the Murrieta Valley High School team with Fowler for three years. He saw Fowler shoot a 62 to win the Southern California Section high school championship as a freshman.

"Every shot he hit, it seemed he was sticking it near the flag," Cortez said. "It was impressive. There's no question he has the talent."

Kevin Tway, Fowler's OSU teammate who is also is making his U.S. Open debut on Thursday, said Fowler has no fear. He's won two tournaments and placed in the top eight on eight other occasions. Fowler earned national freshman and player of the year honors.

And now, after a string of challenges, Fowler will get a chance to shine on a national stage — and with his friends and family watching.

"Getting to play in the Open in San Diego, is huge for me," Fowler said. "Getting there was the tough part because it came down to two rounds of golf in one day. You either play well or you don't. I've had a great year, but it's hard to put everything on the line for just one day. It was out of my hands after the playoff.

"I felt I let a lot of people down by not qualifying at first. But now I'm in and all my friends and family will get to watch me play. This is going to be fun. It's cool."

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Fight The Smears


So here's how the Obama camp is going to try to make sure the Internet is on balance a help to the campaign rather than a source of harm: a "fight the smears" Web site.

Obama's campaign has mastered the use of the Internet for fundraising. His backers have used viral videos like the "Yes we can" mash-up and the 'Empire Strikes Barack'-style videos to rev up supporters. But there have also been instances where the Web has hurt Obama, like the Rev. Wright playing on a loop on YouTube. There have also been numerous emails about Obama being a Muslim and a man who refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance and most recently messages accusing his wife Michelle of uttering a racial epithet at Obama's former church. (The first two are demonstrably untrue, and Michelle has denied the latter and Obama himself has challenged anyone with video of his wife making the remarks to produce it.)

This Web site appears aimed at harnessing the Internet "for good" in the campaign's eyes to refute any rumor circulating on the Web.

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Hypermiling Tips

Hypermiling Tips: How to Get Better Gas Mileage

As prices soar at the pump, more and more Americans are looking for ways to cut their gas costs. Most people know to walk instead of driving short distances, run errands all at once or group them more efficiently, carpooling, and, if you are in the Washington, DC area, you can slog to and from work. However, hypermiling takes gas reduction practices a bit further. Below is a list of hypermiling tips to get you started on your way to better fuel economy.

Hypermiling tip #1 to getting better gas mileage: Know your flow

This is a relatively straightforward approach to data. In order to get better gas mileage, you need to know how much you are getting. This can be as low-tech as a pen and paper, which you keep in your glove box or you can enter the data at a site like You need to know how far you have driven and on how many gallons you used. Once you determine what MPG you are getting now, you have a baseline for future comparison.

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Hope Dworaczyk Is Pregnant

Hope Dworaczyk Pregnant With Jason Kidd’s Baby

After all, Andersen previously went out with Kid Rock. The woman who Jason Kidd reportedly left his wife for - and got pregnant - may wanna avert her eyes. We’ve also included this profound passage from the account of the woman who is Jason Kidd Lover Hope Dworaczyk Pregnant, Sexy Photos OnlineThe Post Chronicle™ - The very sexy and attractive couple Jason Kidd and his model girlfriend Hope Dworaczyk have revealed that they are expecting a child! Hope Dworaczyk Preggo with Jason Kidd’s Baby | Bumpshack. These pics will help us in making that decision.

Page Six reported that Hope Hope Dworaczyk Is Jason Kidd’s Pregnant Girlfriend (PhotosPage Six reports that Hope Dworaczyk is a model and that their parents celebrated the news by dining at Sabor Latin Bistro Sunday night. Sorry, Hope Dworaczyk. South-Texas Co-ed Junior Teen, is NBA team New Jersey Net star Jason Kidd’s girlfriend. Tim Worstall Tabloid Edition: Hope DworaczykA year after his messy split from wife Joumana Kidd, sources told The Post’s Hasani Gittens that Kidd’s “model” girlfriend, Hope Dworaczyk, is expecting.

It is the first kid for the new couple. According to The New York Post, the NBA star is now dating Sports Illustrated swimsuit model May Andersen. comSpousal abuser Jason Kidd is expecting a baby with his new victim girlfriend Hope Dworzczyk. Christopher Kid Reid (of Kid ‘n Play fame) is obviously next.

Hope Dworaczyk Photo - The Hollywood GossipTake a look at a photo of Hope Dworaczyk, courtesy of her MySpace profile. She is reportedly pregnant with their child. Fast Facts: From: Port Lavaca Hope Dworaczyk Is Jason Kidd’s Baby Momma (Photos) » Right TVMeet Hope Dworaczyk, she is the new babe from NBA basketball player Jason Kidd and already pregnant. It’s a union we should have seen coming months ago.

Kidd has. Hope Dworaczyk - MahaloHope Dworaczyk is a model and the girlfriend of New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd and Hope Dworaczyk Pregnant - Associated ContentJan 10, 2008 Check out Jason Kidd and Hope Dworaczyk Pregnant - Submitted by Stacy MP at Associated Content. In my previous post I asked whether Jason Kidd had upgraded with his move from his ex Joumana to Hope.

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Golf : US Open

Super trio will have big guns firing early at US Open

SAN DIEGO, California (AFP) — Expect golf's big guns to come out firing Thursday, as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson tee off in a group with Australian Adam Scott in the opening round of the 108th US Open championship.

"Awesome," Mickelson said of the unusual grouping of the top three players in the world for the first and second rounds of a major championship.

"I like the opportunity to play with the best."

Woods, too, welcomed the group, which is sure to draw a mammoth gallery when it tees off at No.1 on Torrey Pines South, the 7,643-yard, par-71 layout that is hosting the Open for the first time.

"I think it's exciting," Woods said.

Scott, ranked third in the world, has been keeping a low profile, but showed no ill effects of a recent hand injury as he practised Wednesday.

Only once before have Woods and Mickelson been paired for the first two rounds of a major - the 2006 PGA Championship at Medinah.

Woods was three shots better than Mickelson in that pairing, and went on to win the title.

US Golf Association president Jim Hyler said extra security measures had been laid on in anticipation of the crowds, including extra police to walk with that group as well as those teeing off immediately before and after.

But Woods, seeking to add to his 13 major titles and further close in on Jack Nicklaus's record of 18, said the hoopla sure to surround the group would mean nothing once they got underway at 8:06am (15:06 GMT).

"Once you tee off, you're in your own little world," Woods said. "You don't really care about what anyone else is doing. You have enough issues going on out there, trying to play a major championship venue."

The venue is one that has been more than hospitable to both Woods and Mickelson, who between them have won nine titles at the PGA Tour's Buick Invitational here.

Six of those belong to Woods, the most recent a dominant victory in January.

Mickelson, a San Diego native who has played Torrey Pines since his youth, has won here three times - but not since extensive renovations were completed in 2002.

"I haven't putted the greens as well since the redesign," said Mickelson, adding he had spent quite a bit of time this year addressing that in preparation for the Open.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to compete in the US Open on the course I grew up on in the prime of my career," said Mickelson, whose US Open resume includes four runner-up finishes.

Woods, who is seeking to add a third US Open title to those he won at Pebble Beach in 2000 and Bethpage in 2002, insists he is up to the challenge, despite not playing in nearly nine weeks because of post-Masters knee surgery.

As usual at the US Open, the course set-up will be the key.

Geoff Ogilvy, the 2006 US Open champion, said players will have choices this week, even if they miss fairways.

"The rough in spots is shorter than in the Buick, at least just off the fairways," Ogilvy said. "I'm not saying a guy who doesn't hit it long can't win, but length is definitely an advantage.

"Last year at Oakmont, you could poke some irons off the tees. There's not much of that here."

While the rough appears less daunting than in past Opens, Hyler said an element of unpredictability would test golfers who find it.

"That adds a little bit of spice to the whole thing," he said.

Argentina's Angel Cabrera will try to become the first to successfully defend the US Open title since Curtis Strange in 1989.

"My game is in very good shape, especially the long game," Cabrera said. "I'm working on my putting, trying to improve a little bit. Hopefully I have.

Cabrera will go out in a traditional US Open first-round pairing with reigning British Open champion Padraig Harrington of Ireland. However, the group won't include the usual US amateur champion, because he has turned pro, and will instead include US veteran Davis Love. They tee off at No.1 at 1:36 pm (20:36 GMT).

Thanks to the USGA's decision to build groups based on world rankings through the top 12, high-wattage combinations are dotted throughout the first round.

Ogilvy, two-time champion Ernie Els of South Africa and England's Justin Rose go out together at 1:36 (20:36 GMT) from the 10th tee.

Fiji's Vijay Singh, Spain's Sergio Garcia and American Stewart Cink tee off at No.1 at 12:52 (19:52 GMT), while Furyk, South Korea's KJ Choi and Steve Stricker go off from No.10 at 7:22am (14:22 GMT).

Masters champion Trevor Immelman of South Africa says his victory at Augusta hasn't sparked grandiose dreams of a Grand Slam.

But he admits he comes into the second major of the year with a new confidence.

"I think the biggest thing it gave me is that I proved to myself that if I play my best golf, I can win any tournament," said Immelman, who will play in the first two rounds with former Masters winners Zach Johnson and Mike Weir of Canada.

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ICON Aircraft Launches

ICON Aircraft

The Sport Flying Revolution is finally upon us. The dream of flying can now be realized at a much lower cost and time commitment thanks to a new pilot’s license classification specifically intended for sport recreational flying. Plus, new aircraft classification has made aircraft ownership more accessible for more sport pilots.

With the new license and new aircraft to satisfy your sense of adventure, it’s time to join the revolution.

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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

He might look a bit like a grizzled old grey wolf...

...but Solid Snake could still kick your butt, disarm you, smoke a couple of cigarettes and save the world once again before you've even uttered a pithy epithet.

Hideo Kojima's swansong for Snake (not really, we just know there'll be more MGS) released today on PS3 across the world and first impressions are that it's everything that fans of the series had hoped for, plus more besides.

Chameleonic combat suits, sneaking, and intense close-quarters combat meld with the staple cinematics and high production values of the game series, brought stunningly to life on PS3.

Will it measure up to Totally's extremely high expectations? Well you'll just have to wait and see what our review says. Or buy your copy today, of course.
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshot

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David Motari Sacked From US Marines

US Marine sacked for YouTube puppy horror

A US Marine has been kicked out of the corps and another has been punished after a video surfaced of Marines throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, showed two Marines joking and holding up a puppy before it was hurled into a gully.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii said today that Lance Corporal David Motari received unspecified "non-judicial punishment" and "is being processed for separation" from the Marine Corps, the Associated Press reported.

The second Marine, Sergeant Crismarvin Banez Encarnacion received unspecified "non-judicial" punishment.

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