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Cash Back with Hoopla Doopla.

A Web site called Hoopla Doopla has partnered with top brand-name companies -- such as Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's and more -- to offer online shoppers coupons, bargains, promotional offers and other deals. When you buy merchandise from those retailers online via Hoopla Doopla, you get a cut of Hoopla Doopla's commission.

Creating an account is free. You don't need to provide a bank account; and the rebates are paid to your PayPal account or by old fashioned check in the mail. Hoopla Doopla pays its members quarterly.

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Sportsbook Down

Sportsbook DownFor those of you having trouble accessing the website, which was down late Saturday afternoon, you may get to your account by visiting Super Book ( which is part of the family.

The website should be up soon though we do not have an exact time and the issue has not been identified. We only know that the issue is not affecting the Super Book arm of this company.

Super Book is part of the platform and you can still access your account there. has received a number of emails asking why the website is down and what alternative means were available to access one's account.

Again - go to Super Book and log into your account the same way you would your account.

The site could come up at any moment. This report was filed at 4:36 pm EST and the site had been down at least an hour.

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Bruce Chen

Bruce ChenRoyals secure another veteran arm.

Day after Cruz comes aboard, KC lands left-hander Chen with Minors deal.

The Royals didn't stop when they signed Juan Cruz. On Sunday, they announced they signed veteran left-hander Bruce Chen to a Minor League contract.

Chen is a 10-year Major League veteran who has played with nine clubs, starting with Atlanta in 1998. He's also made stops with Philadelphia, the New York Mets, Cincinnati, Montreal, Boston, Houston, Baltimore and Texas.

The 31-year-old Chen did not pitch last season after undergoing elbow surgery. Most of his career has been spent in relief, but his biggest year was 2005 when, as a starter for the Orioles, he was 13-10 with a 3.83 ERA.

In 242 big league games, including 112 as a starter, his record is 35-37 with a 4.63 ERA.

Chen will not report to the Royals' Minor League camp immediately because he is pitching in the World Baseball Classic for his native Panama.

Chen's signing comes a day after the Royals landed Cruz, a free-agent reliever who pitched last year for Arizona.

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McNutShe's been called "McNut" by and "loco 4 pollo" by

Now, after becoming an Internet sensation for calling 911 three times to report an emergency after McDonald's had run out of McNuggets, a Fort Pierce woman said Wednesday she is embarrassed by all the media attention.

"I'm embarrassed to show my face in public," Latreasa Goodman told WPBF News 25's Alexis Rivera one day after her McNugget meltdown was first reported.

Goodman, 27, was issued a written notice to appear in court for misusing the 911 emergency communications system.

According to the police report, Goodman called 911 three times Saturday to report that a McDonald's employee wasn't giving her a refund for the chicken nuggets she wanted.

"The manager just took my money and won't give me my money back, trying to make me get something off the menu that I don't want," Goodman said in one of the 911 calls. "I ordered chicken nuggets. They don't have chicken nuggets, and so I told her, 'Just give me my money back,' and she tells me I have to pick something else off the menu. She is not going to give me my money back, and she don't have the right to take my money."

Goodman told WPBF News 25 that she didn't "have a right to jump across the counter and snatch" the money, so she chose to handle it another way.

"Inside Edition" was there when WPBF News 25 spoke to Goodman on Wednesday. She said all the media exposure has resulted in several profanity-laced, hateful messages on her personal cell phone.

"I think it's wrong, because like I said, it's not about no chicken nugget meal," Goodman said. "If everybody listen(s) to the news, they'll understand my statement that McDonald's took my money. They didn't have any chicken nuggets, and so I asked for my (money) back."

The 10-piece chicken McNuggets meal is valued at $3.49.

"When you feel that you've been mistreated or misused or robbed out of your money, you have the right to call 911," Goodman said. "That's the purpose of 911, so I thought."

But Tiffany Bennett, an emergency coordinator for St. Lucie County, said the incident does not constitute an emergency.

"It's not an emergency unless there was some kind of disturbance or somebody threatening someone, and I don't believe that was the case in this matter," Bennett said.

Carlos Solorzano, operations manager for all McDonald's restaurants in Florida, issued a statement Tuesday apologizing for the incident.

"Satisfying each and every customer that visits our restaurants is very important to us," Solorzano said. "Regarding this isolated incident, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. In the event that we are unable to fill an order, a customer should be offered the choice of a full refund or alternative menu items. We regret that in this instance, that wasn't the case.

"We want to correct our mistake. We will be sending the customer her refund, along with an invitation to return for her original order, on us. We never want to disappoint a McNuggets fan or any McDonald's customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority."

Goodman said she'll continue to go to McDonald's, but she also said she'd order with a little more caution next time.

"I'm not going and just giving up my money like that, no, but I'm going to ask them would they please check and see if they have what I want on the menu, and if they tell me yes, then I will order," she said.

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