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Alaska Airlines

Alaska AirlinesPassenger traffic falls off at Portland airport.

Passenger traffic fell nearly 20 percent at Portland International Airport last month, while commercial flight operations fell nearly 19 percent.

A monthly report shows that about 839,000 people got on or off planes at the airport in February, down from more than 1 million the same month a year ago.

Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines, both owned by Alaska Air, remained the busiest passenger carriers, but business was down for both.

The report says the only airlines to see passenger traffic increase were JetBlue Airways and SkyWest Airlines.

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Owen Benjamin And Christina Ricci

Owen Benjamin And Christina RicciInside Christina Ricci's Crazy Engagement Party!

Christina Ricci's gonna need an incredibly small bridal gown tailored to fit her diminutive size—as we've exclusively learned that the actress is engaged to her comedian boyfriend Owen Benjamin. (Calls to her reps, asking for official confirmation, have not yet been returned.)

The two babes of way disproportionate height met on set of their movie All's Faire in Love and went public with their relationship last October. Might seem pretty quick to get hitched, but not in T-town!

Congrats to the cute couple! Now check out the deets of their engagement party, and how Ricci couldn't keep her cool at her own celebration:

Our source was partying at the Palihouse in West Hollywood last Saturday night with his pals next door to the Ricci/Benjamin bash. He briefly spoke to Owen himself, who confirmed it was his engagement party, while Ricci and the couple's cohorts were in the room engaging in all types of typical late-night H-wood hotel room behavior.

Our source lost an amigo at his shindig, and called the dude's phone looking for him. Looks like somebody snuck into the wrong fete, since it was Christina Ricci who answered on the other line!

Acting out-of-it from indulging in silliness more appropriate for a bachelorette party, not an engagement soiree, CR started screaming she would "call the f—-cking cops" if our source kept calling her—even 'tho it wasn't her phone! Who knew such feisty things came in tiny packages?

Eventually our source's friend returned, confirming an oddly behaving Christina indeed snatched his cell—which she eventually gave back. Maybe she learned a thing from Lindsay nabbing that fur coat?

He was super pissed, but we think it's hysterical. Good luck with that, Owen!

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Talk And Die Syndrome

Talk And Die Syndrome

Did Natasha Richardson suffer “Talk and Die” Syndrome or Epidural Hemorrhage? What is Talk and Die Syndrome and Epidural Hemorrhage?

Reports confirm that Richardson hit her head in a ski accident Monday. Doctors speculate the extend of the hit would have had to been harder than hitting your head on an exit from a car door.

After the head hit, Richardson reportedly was talking, believing she was fine. Richardson was having a ski lesson on the beginner’s trail at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec, Canada. After the hit, Richardson appeared fine, talking, and perhaps believed herself to be fine.

The resort has issued the following statement:

“She did not show any visible sign of injury, but the ski patrol followed strict procedures and brought her back to the bottom of the slope and insisted she should see a doctor.”

Mont Tremblant spokeswoman Catherine Lacasse said Richardson had no blood, no sign of impact. In fact for one hour, Richardson showed no signs of anything unusual.

“An hour later she said she didn’t feel well. She had a headache, so we sent her to the hospital. There were no signs of impact and no blood, nothing.”

Now medical analysts for FOX News say, while not knowing any other details, this sounds potentially to be Talk and Die Syndrome. While speculating, New York University Dr. Steven Flanagan says the following:

“I can only speculate, but it sounds like something we call the ‘talk and die’ syndrome. What this implies is that someone hits their head and they are seemingly OK initially. But then they get a rapid collection of blood — usually called epidural hemorrhage — and that means bleeding between the skull and the brain.”

LALATE first broke Monday evening that Richardson’s condition had progressed to critical. By Tuesday afternoon, multiple reports claimed Richardson was brain dead. Her family will be issuing an official statement Wednesday.

CBC is reporting that her family will give a statement Wednesday.

“The hospital did not comment on where Richardson was transferred to, nor on the extent of her injuries. The spokeswoman did say, however, that a family representative will release a statement Wednesday.”

The Journal of Clinical Neuroscience published a report on Talk and Die Syndrome in 2005. The report, that looked at patients in Australia, stated the following:

Talk and die patients’ describes a small number of patients who present with a mild head injury (Glasgow Coma Scale [GCS] 13–15) and then subsequently deteriorate and die from intracranial causes. We analysed the medical records of all those adult patients whose primary diagnosis as the cause of death was head injury, as determined by the coroner, who were admitted to a major Australian trauma centre between January 1994 and December 2003 (a 10-year period). … Factors considered potentially contributory to the patients’ deterioration, such as delays in CT scanning or patient transfer, coagulopathy or hypoxic episodes were also noted.

The incidence of ‘talk and die’ patients was 2.6% (15 out of 569) overall and the annual incidence did not significantly alter over the 10-year period of the study. The small number of patients precludes inferences regarding causal relationships, although potentially preventable factors, which could have been contributory to patient deterioration, were identified.

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Carl Landry

Carl LandryRockets forward Carl Landry wounded in shooting.

Houston Rockets forward Carl Landry was shot in the left leg early Tuesday while driving near his home.

The injury was minor, and the team said Landry was treated at a hospital and released. The Rockets said they expected Landry to return to action in one to three weeks.

The shooting occurred about 4 a.m., a few hours after the Rockets returned from a game at New Orleans. Landry drove home after the team arrived about 12:30 a.m.

Houston police said a car with two occupants hit Landry's vehicle from behind. Police said Landry was shot when he got out to inspect the damage, and the other vehicle left the scene. The Rockets also said Landry dislocated a finger on his left hand in the incident.

The 6-foot-9 Landry has become a valuable player off the bench for the Rockets, averaging 9.3 points and five rebounds in his second NBA season. He had 12 points and six rebounds in Monday's 95-84 win that kept Houston in third place in the Western Conference standings.

"We are very thankful and relieved that Carl's injuries were relatively minor and that he is doing well," the Rockets said in a statement. "We are in the process of working with authorities to gather more information."

Landry was drafted by Seattle in the second round in 2007, then traded to Houston for a future second-round pick and cash. He averaged eight points and 4.9 rebounds in 2007-08. In Game 3 of a first-round series against Utah, Landry blocked Deron Williams' layup try with 3.4 seconds left to preserve Houston's 94-92 victory.

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Natasha Richardson Skiing Accident

Natasha Richardson Skiing AccidentActress Natashia Richardson, who suffered brain trauma in ski accident, flown back to New York.

An emergency medical team at her side, actress Natasha Richardson was flown home to New York Tuesday after suffering a life-threatening brain injury while skiing in Canada.

The Tony award-winning actress was taken from Sacre-Coeur Hospital in Montreal and left the country at 12:30 p.m., hospital spokeswoman Josee-Michelle Simard said.

Simard would not discuss Richardson's condition or address Internet reports that Richardson, the daughter of legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave, was brain dead.

Meanwhile, word of accident sent shockwaves down Broadway, where her friends were praying she would pull through.

Richardson, who won a Tony in 1998 for playing Sally Bowles in "Cabaret," is "theater royalty" said William Ivey Long, who designed her costumes.

"Natasha is strong, but when you hear about something so horrible you think about those vulnerable characters," she has played, Long said.

"Not only is Natasha one of the greatest actresses of her generation, but she is a treasured member of the Roundabout family and a wonderful friend," added Todd Haimes, artistic director of the Roundabout Theatre Company.

Richardson has another strong tie to Broadway - she met her husband, actor Liam Neeson, when they starred together in "Anna Christie."

The 45-year-old actress was preparing to co-star with her mother in a Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim's "A Little Night Music" when she was hurt.

A novice skier, Richardson was hurt after she wiped out at 3 p.m. Monday on the bunny slope at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec.

A spokeswoman for the resort said Richardson did not appear to be seriously hurt.

"She was awake and alive and laughing and breathing," said Catherine Lacasse. "She refused to see a doctor. She said she was fine and everything was okay."

Richardson was accompanied by the instructor and the ski patrol to her room, where she once again refused to call a doctor.

"She said she was fine," Lacasse said. "She had a headache, she had no signs of impact, no bleeding."

An hour later, Richardson had a pounding headache and "agreed to call an ambulance," Lacasse said.

Neeson left the set of "Chloe," the movie he was filming in Toronto, and flew to Montreal after learning of his wife's accident, relatives said.

"We know that she has had an accident, but we really do not know any more details," said Kika Markham, the wife of Richardson's uncle, Corin Redgrave, told the Associated Press. "We are very concerned."

Richardson was not wearing a helmet when she fell into what appeared to be soft, wet snow, Lacasse said.

"We recommend it, but there's no law that obliges people to wear helmets," she said.

Richardson was taken first to a hospital near the resort and then taken to Montreal, officials said.

Richardson and Neeson, who starred in "Schindler's List" and in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace," have had an enduring Hollywood marriage. They have been married for 15 years and have two children.

Richardson, whose father was Oscar-winning director Tony Richardson, has also starred in movies, including "The Handmaid's Tale," "Patty Hearst" and "The Parent Trap."

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Oregon Lottery Results

Oregon Lottery ResultsOregon Lottery Raffle Results For St. Patrick's Day,

The demand for the Oregon lottery St. Patrick's Day raffle results was so high that we first could not get to the Oregon Lottery website and got an error message at

However, Oregon Lottery just announced the raffle results for its first ever St. Patrick's day raffle and the results are bellow.

The raffle results numbers of the One million St Patrick's day Oregon lottery are 246114.

The lottery results for the $20,000 prizes are the following.


There are also numerous 100 dollar prizes in Oregon lottery's St. Patrick's day raffle that is out of the scope of one story. The results can't simply fit in this story. One needs to check them at No wonder the orginzers had said that St. Patrick's day Oregon Lottery raffle will have many great odds.

Oregon Lottery website showed that all the tickets were sold out.

Earlier the Oregon lottery organizers had announced on their wesite that they would hold a St. Patrick's Day Raffle, the Oregon Lottery’s exciting new on-line raffle game. RaffleSM is a game with limited tickets, great odds, and all 1,011 prizes are cash prizes! It’s simple to play. The top prize is $1 million dollars.

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