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Alycia Nipp

Alycia NippAlycia Nipp, 13, Murdered by Sex Offender, Police Say.

Washington police say 13-year-old Alycia Nipp was murdered by a level III sex offender as she was walking home one night.

Darrin Eugene Sanford, a homeless man living in an abandoned home, is charged with murder in Nipp’s death. According to court papers, Nipp was sexually assaulted February 21 by Sanford when she cut through a field to get home. Sanford confessed to stabbing the seventh grader to death after he could not complete the “sex act.”

Her body was found in the field by her uncle on February 22.

Sanford was under “passive” GPS monitoring by authorities when he raped and killed the Thomas Jefferson Middle School student. The 30-year-old was convicted in 1998 of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and luring minors with sexual motivation. He was sentenced probation but violated and was put in prison in January. After his release, Sanford was fitted with a GPS tracking device. His probation officer would check his whereabouts "after the fact" as opposed to real time.

The GPS tracking device helped led to his arrest in Nipp’s murder as it proved he was in the area.

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Papillon Dog

Papillon Dog

Papillon - What’s all this about papillion dogs? Rumour has it that a 3 lb Papillon inexplicably vanished from a back yard of a kennel garden - kennel workers think that the dog was snatched up and carried by a hawk! The dog was located in the end, and the owner does not really believe that the toy papillon dog was swept up by a hawk. Here is a pic of a papillon:

Here’s some info on Papillons:

Papillons aren’t really suitable for being around young kids. In fact, some papillon dog breeders will not sell papillon dog puppies to those with kids under 7 years of age. The reason for this is that the puppies are very weak and easily injured, and a playing child could easily hurt the papillon dog puppies. The Papillon is a companion dog, the mission which it was originally bred for. Most Papillons weigh between 4 and 7 lb, they are clever dogs, good learners and they love humans!

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Hotmail Server Too Busy

Hotmail Server Too BusyMicrosoft restores service after Hotmail outage.

Microsoft scrambled to fix a global outage that hit its Windows Live Hotmail service for several hours on Thursday.

The company said in a blog posting that "service has been restored for all users" around 5 p.m. Eastern Time and that it was "taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again." It also apologized to Hotmail users for the inconvenience but did not say what caused the problem.

Hotmail users across the globe Twittered widely about the outage, which Microsoft said it first began hearing reports of at around 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

Twitter users said they were receiving a "Server is too busy" message when they tried to log into Hotmail, which has more than 375 million active users worldwide, according to Microsoft.

The Twitter reports were so widespread that Microsoft even sent out a message on its own WindowsLive Twitter feed letting people know it was aware of the outage, and then again when the outage was repaired.

This was the second outage for a major online e-mail service this week. On Monday, Google's Gmail service went down for as many as 24 to 36 hours for some users.

For Microsoft and Google, which are competing to bring more Web-based services to consumers and businesses, e-mail has been a proving ground for how many users their online services can support. Outages raise questions about the ability of those companies and other online service providers to maintain a consistent quality of service for end-users.

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Kentucky Basketball

Kentucky BasketballSo Lee Todd says that Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart will sit down with head basketball coach Billy Gillispie at the end of the season and then report back to the president on the status of the program.

If I could sit in on either meeting, I'd have just one piece of advice:

If you're Kentucky, be KENTUCKY!

That means:

1. Sign the contract. If Billy Gillispie is to remain as coach, he needs to sign the formal contract. Barnhart should demand it. Now.

I know, some say the contract is a non-issue considering there is a memorandum of understanding between the two parties. They're wrong. It's a symbolic issue, and an important one.

This is Kentucky basketball, after all. Either Gillispie wants to coach at Kentucky under the terms of a formal contract, or he doesn't. If he doesn't, there are plenty more coaches out there who would gladly take the pen.

2. Quit talking about softening the schedule. The schedule is too soft now. Stats whiz Ken Pomeroy ranked UK's non-conference schedule 243rd in the nation this season. True, Indiana's rare rock-bottom season didn't help. But there are too many Longwoods, Delaware States, Lamars, Mississippi Valleys and Florida Atlantics on the slate.

The excuse I hear from the Craft Center is they need a schedule that helps teach the kids how to win. Please. This is Kentucky. The kids should come here knowing how to win.

3. Stop discounting Kentucky kids. That doesn't mean the roster should be filled with nothing but in-state players. But while not a single UK player made the All-SEC Freshman Team, Bryan Station product Shelvin Mack was averaging 11.7 points and 3.5 assists per game as a freshman at Butler. Steffphon Pettigrew, a sophomore from Elizabethtown, was averaging 12.7 points and 5.1 rebounds at Western Kentucky. I'm just saying.

4. Respect the uniform. If a player refuses to come into the game, he shouldn't be playing 27 minutes the next night. If a player quits the team in a huff — if that's truly what happened — should he really be in at a key time of the next game?

And, by the way, we're all tired of the Bob Knight-era mind games, of the rumors about lockers being emptied and nameplates removed, of rumors about whether so-and-so was allowed to ride home on the team bus.

5. Take better care of your former players. If you think the current players aren't happy, talk to the former ones. Most say all they feel is a cold shoulder.

They lost their one connection to the basketball office when longtime secretary Marta McMackin was transferred, then retired. That's one reason why players such as Mike Casey, Kenny Walker and Jay Shidler have spoken out publicly about the problems at the Craft Center.

And when was the last time UK retired a jersey at Rupp, anyway?

6. Remember what you represent. Don't be boorish in halftime TV interviews or post-game radio shows. Don't accept ESPN's request for an all-access feature, then limit the access. Don't ignore boosters who travel on trips.

Don't tell a media member who is trying to give you a compliment — as a Florida writer did by remarking that UK took the Gators' Nick Calathes out of the game — that he doesn't know how basketball should be played. Is that too much to ask?

7. No more one-man committee. Under most circumstances a coach deserves more than two years in a job, but if Barnhart and Todd honestly believe the situation has become untenable, so be it. But next time, no more one-man search committee.

This state, this university, this fan base has plenty of knowledgeable minds about the game of basketball who would love to help with the process. This time, I'd use some of that brainpower.

After all, I'm guessing that the Billy G. Kentucky basketball has (so far) is not quite the Billy G. it expected.

That can't happen again.

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