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Papillon Dog

Papillon Dog

Papillon - What’s all this about papillion dogs? Rumour has it that a 3 lb Papillon inexplicably vanished from a back yard of a kennel garden - kennel workers think that the dog was snatched up and carried by a hawk! The dog was located in the end, and the owner does not really believe that the toy papillon dog was swept up by a hawk. Here is a pic of a papillon:

Here’s some info on Papillons:

Papillons aren’t really suitable for being around young kids. In fact, some papillon dog breeders will not sell papillon dog puppies to those with kids under 7 years of age. The reason for this is that the puppies are very weak and easily injured, and a playing child could easily hurt the papillon dog puppies. The Papillon is a companion dog, the mission which it was originally bred for. Most Papillons weigh between 4 and 7 lb, they are clever dogs, good learners and they love humans!

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