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Rene Marie Black National Anthem

Rene Marie Stuns Denver with Black National Anthem

The national anthem was supposed to kick off Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's State of the City address on Tuesday, but jazz singer Rene Marie had other plans. Instead of belting out the well-known verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, Rene Marie chose to sing the lyrics to Lift Every Voice and Sing, also known as the Black National Anthem.

According to the Denver Post, Rene Marie's decision to substitute the Black National Anthem was unknown prior to the event. The audience and dignitaries at the event were both stunned and disappointed.

Normally, the Fourth of July is considered to be a holiday that unites people of all races and creeds through the common bond of patriotism. Rene Marie's choice to cast aside the traditional national anthem in favor of the Black National Anthem may cause some to question how strong the feelings of unity really are in the Denver community.

The issue of race is already on the minds of many as African-American Barack Obama continues to lead nationwide polls in the 2008 presidential campaign. One of the central messages in Obama's campaign is the need for unity. If elected, Obama would become the nation's first African-American President.

The replacement of our nation's Star-Spangled Banner with the Black National Anthem may also be viewed as an unpatriotic gesture. As Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown said, "There is no substitute for the national anthem."

Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, has already been heavily criticized for making remarks that many considered to be unpatriotic in nature. Although the outrage stemming from those statements has tapered off quite a bit, it is likely that it will resurface if the issue of patriotism is brought up again in this campaign.

The memory of Rene Marie's rendition of the Black National Anthem is likely to remain in the forefront of Denver residents for quite some time. As Denver is scheduled to host the Democratic National Convention in late August, this could prove to be issue for the entire Democratic Party.

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LAX Airport Closed

LAX Airport Briefly Closed
After Security Scare

Operations at Los Angeles International Airport were briefly disrupted Wednesday after police investigated what they described as a potential security threat.

Auto traffic leading in and out of most of the airport was blocked briefly at about 11:30 a.m. Pacific time while police arrested a suspect and investigated a backpack found at the airport.

Numerous flights were delayed while a police explosives unit investigated the backpack and the suspect was taken in for questioning. At 1:02 p.m., police declared that the backpack had no explosives, according to airport spokeswoman Nancy Suey Castles.

Airport security and airline personnel were working to clear the backlog of passengers who had been unable to get to the terminal while the traffic block was in place.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said that no traces of explosives have been found on the suspect taken into custody, and that he would undergo psychological testing.

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Diana Bianchi Testifies In Divorce Trial

Diana Bianchi Testifies in Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook Divorce Trial

Diana Bianchi testified on the first day of the divorce trial of Christie Brinkley and estranged husband Peter Cook on Wednesday.

Bianchi was Cook's assistant whom Brinkley found having an affair with Cook in 2006. Bianchi, then 18, meet Cook in 2005 at a Hamptons toy store.

Bianchi was hired by Cook to work at his Hamptons architecture firm where she was paid $20,000 to type magazine articles onto the company's Web site. She said they had sex about 10 times before the relationship ended later that year.

Cook took the stand as well, testifying that he had sex with Bianchi in her office and at homes in the Hamptons owned by Brinkley.

Cook then paid her $300,000 in hopes that she would keep their affair quiet. He also gave her spending money, including $500 hidden under a rock

Cook talked about how he and Brinkley frequently watched pornography to get in the sexual mood. His lawyer said he spent about $3,000 a month on porno Web sites.

Alexa Ray Joel, Brinkley's daughter with her second husband Billy Joel, is expected to testify Thursday about Cook's "constant criticism" of her.

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Brett Favre

Packers brass likely hoping Favre stays retired

Though Wednesday's report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Brett Favre has reached out to Packers coach Mike McCarthy about a possible return to the team likely will be met with broad denials (agent Bus Cook already is downplaying it), there's a lot of smoke and, apparently, the early stages of a flickering green-and-gold flame.

It started in April, when Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reported that Cook was quietly gauging potential trade interest in Favre. Later in the month, Favre told David Letterman, "I think when training camp gets close, something's bound to happen."

More recently, we reported over at Pro Football Talk that Cook has been privately telling folks that Favre wants to play.

So if the ESPN report is accurate, what does it all mean? If Favre shows up for camp, the team has three options: welcome him with open arms, trade him, or cut him.

If McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson value their lives, they'll choose Door No. 1. Still, they probably both wish that Favre will not come back.

Sooner or later, McCarthy and Thompson will have to endure Year One of the post-Favre era. With fresh contract extensions in hand and a high level of job security thanks to an unexpectedly strong 2007, now is the perfect time for the Packers brass to suffer through the growing pains of breaking in one (or more) new quarterbacks for the first time since 1992.

Indeed, once Favre retired, it seemed that the team did everything it could to bolt the door and bar the windows, drafting two quarterbacks in April and announcing that Favre's jersey would be retired on the first possible opportunity, during Week 1 of the 2008 season.

It's likely that Favre opted for retirement because he didn't believe that McCarthy and/or Thompson were doing and/or saying what they needed to do and/or say to get him to stick around. Cook said back in March that Favre would have played another year if he'd felt wanted.

It now appears that, regardless of whether the Packers want him, Favre's desire to play possibly has overcome his desire to be begged to play.

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Hostage Ingrid Betancourt Freed

Colombian rebels tricked into freeing hostage Ingrid Betancourt

Ingrid Betancourt, who has been held hostage by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia rebels for six years, has been freed in a cunning military operation in the Colombian jungle.

Colombian security forces rescued the French-Colombian politician, 11 Colombian police and three US intelligence operatives in an operation in the eastern jungle province of Guaviare which saw the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) lose their negotiating trump cards.

The guerrillas were holding almost 60 political hostages, whom they want to exchange for hundreds of rebels in prison.

General Freddy Padilla, Colombia's armed forces commander, said it was high-level military intelligence that assured the safe rescue of the hostages.

Colombian jungle.

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Ingrid Betancourt and her mother Yolanda Pulecio
Ingrid Betancourt, with her mother Yolanda Pulecio, smiles upon her arrival at the Catam air base in Bogota

Colombian security forces rescued the French-Colombian politician, 11 Colombian police and three US intelligence operatives in an operation in the eastern jungle province of Guaviare which saw the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) lose their negotiating trump cards.

The guerrillas were holding almost 60 political hostages, whom they want to exchange for hundreds of rebels in prison.

General Freddy Padilla, Colombia's armed forces commander, said it was high-level military intelligence that assured the safe rescue of the hostages.

"We have infiltrated the Secretariat (Farc's ruling seven-man body) and military intelligence gave us the location of the hostages," said Gen Padilla as he pointed on a map to the remote area of Tomachipan in Guaviare, where the hostages were found.

It emerged that commandoes had managed to trick the rebels into handing over the hostages.

A government agent managed to infiltrate the rebel group, apparently earning their trust, paving the way for the rescue.

Undercover Colombian commandoes flew to the jungle camp in a civilian helicopter, claiming to be from a fictitious non-government organisation.

They claimed they had orders to fly the hostages by helicopter to a camp to meet with rebel leader Alfonso Cano.

"The helicopters, which in reality were from the army, picked up the hostages in Guaviare and flew them to freedom," Juan Manuel Santos, the defence minister, said.

Two guerrillas were captured and the hostages were flown to a military base.

"This was an unprecedented operation," he said. "It will go down in history for its audaciousness and effectiveness."

“The operation was absolutely impeccable," Ms Betancourt told Colombian radio just hours after she was freed, as she described the ruse played by Colombian soldiers on the FARC rebels.

"They spoke and dressed like the guerrillas," she said, adding the operation began at dawn, when the hostages were told they were being transferred.

Some of the elite Colombian soldiers who took part in the operation had disguised themselves as rebels, even wearing T-shirts bearing the picture of legendary reolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, she said.

The hostages only realised that they were being rescued when they were in the air and one of the soldiers pretending to be a guerrilla shouted out: "We are the Army of Colombia, you are free."

The rescue is a political and military coup for the Oxford-educated President Alvaro Uribe.

Backed by Washington he has made the defeat of the Farc, who killed his father, the cornerstone of his government. He had been under pressure from France, where President Sarkozy made Ms Betancourt's release a foreign policy priority, and the Farc's closest international friend, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, to sit down and negotiate with the rebel group.

The Colombian senator and presidential candidate was a vociferous critic of Farc when she was kidnapped near Florencia, 370 miles south of Bogota, in February 2002. The rebels' prize hostage, Ms Betancourt spent six years being moved between jungle camps, making the task of rescuing her difficult.

The rescue is a disaster for once mighty Farc. In March the legendary founder and leader of the guerrilla army, Manuel Marulanda died and two other members of Farc's Secretariat were killed.

So far this year almost 600 Farc rebels have been killed in military operations and another 1000 have deserted. Intelligence sources estimated that Farc now number less than 9000 fighters, way down from its 2002 peak of 16,000.

Sources within the defence ministry said that the operation was carried out with the blessing of Washington, keen to see its three citizens, Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves and Thomas Homes, rescued without injury.

The three men were part of a five-man crew of a spy plane that was taking pictures of drugs crops and guerrilla camps in February 2003.

The plane crash-landed in rebel territory and within minutes the Farc were on the scene. The two other crew members, a Colombian and another American, were killed by the Farc as they were too injured for the march into captivity.

The Colombian government will use this victory to show that the Farc is on its last legs and that after 44 years of fighting one of the world's most powerful and richest insurgencies, is beaten. Not everyone agrees.

"This war is not over by a long chalk," said a Western diplomatic source. "The Farc are still flush with drugs money and have a hard core of dedicated and experience fighters. A leaner meaner Farc of just 5000 fighters could still destabilise this country."

Mr Santos last night vowed to keep fighting Farc.

"We will continue working for the liberation of the remaining hostages," he said. "We are making an appeal to the leaders of the Farc not to kill them, to liberate the remaining hostages and to not sacrifice their own men."

Ms Betancourt's family had urged Colombian authorities not to attempt to free her by force, for fear of putting her life in danger, despite her deteriorating health.

There had been grave fears for Ms Betancourt's health. She was believed to have been suffering from serious liver problems which could not be treated in the jungle camps.

Four hostages who were released in February after being imprisoned with Ms Betancourt, warned that her health was fading fast, saying they feared for her life.

In a video released this year as proof she was still alive, she appeared particularly frail and had lost a lot of weight. She was also allowed to release a letter to her family, in which she said her strength had diminished, her appetite was gone, and her hair had started falling out. Her son and daughter sent messages of support to her via Colombian radio, which she is believed to have heard, but been unable to respond to.

"I am filled with happiness," Ms Betancourt's sister, Astrid, told Colombian radio. "These have been long years of waiting."

France sent a mission to Colombia in April in an attempt to provide Ms Betancourt with medical treatment, but negotiations with rebels broke down.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy thanked his Colombian counterpart and called on the rebels to end their "absurd" struggle.

He said Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister and Ms Betancourt's family would leave soon to fly to Colombia to meet the freed hostage.

"It was a successful military operation," Mr Sarkozy said, standing next to two of Betancourt's children and her sister Astrid, adding that he wanted to say to "the Farc rebels that they stop this absurd and medieval combat".

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Rock The Bayou

Queensrÿche, Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper Confirmed for Houston's Rock The Bayou Festival

Queensrÿche, Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels, Ratt, Dokken, Warrant and Twisted Sister are among the acts confirmed acts for the Rock The Bayou festival which will take place from August 29 – September 1 on Rock The Bayou Grounds (located between Kirby Drive and Fannin Avenue, directly south of Loop 610) in Houston, Texas, where AstroWorld was a seasonally operated theme park.

The former theme park has been transformed into a hundred acre playground for music lovers and rock enthusiasts. Rock The Bayou showcases a 60-foot permanent stage with full production, special effects and lighting capabilities common to indoor concert venues.

Additionally the site includes vendor areas and supplementary stages to allow continuous music for around the clock energy and excitement. The line-up for the festival is as follows:

Friday, August 29th:

  • RATT
  • Y&T
Saturday, August 30th:
  • BULLETBOYS (with Steven Adler)
Sunday, August 31st:
Monday, September 1st:
More main stage and Second Stage acts will be announced soon. Click for more information.

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Dimitri Lionel Xepapas Fire Bomber

Fire-bomber gets jail for attack

A southern Tasmanian man who fire-bombed the house of his fiancee's ex-boyfriend has been sentenced to 12 months jail.

The Hobart Criminal Court heard Dimitri Lionel Xepapas threw two petrol bombs at the Launceston house, where five people were sleeping.

In sentencing, Justice Pierre Slicer said Xepapas had acted in the belief he was protecting his fiancee.

Justice Slicer suspended six months of the jail sentence.

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Fresh Wave

After the flood: How to clean up your home

Lou Manfredini gives tips for equipment you'll need once the water is gone

Severe flooding has devastated regions of the country, leaving homes damaged and homeowners struggling with what to do next. TODAY contributor and do-it-yourself expert Lou Manfredini offers suggestions for how to begin the process of cleaning up after a flood while avoiding potential hazards.

This year the early summer rains have caused a lot of damage. That is especially true in the middle of our country where severe flooding has left disastrous results. This can be a time a great confusion as to what to do concerning safety, clean-up and even how to pay for all the restoration. While the payment issue is something you will need to address with your insurance company, I do have some simple steps to try and get your home back in order, a way to approach the clean-up so you avoid worse problems down the road.

The first step is to assess the damage and get all of the wet material out of your home. But before that happens you need to ensure that the home is safe to enter. Check with local officials to make sure the area is secure.

When severe flooding hits a home and several feet of water is present for a sustained amount of time, structural issues can occur. Never enter a basement area with standing water if the power is still connected to your home. If the water has receded, make sure the power is off before you enter. With high water levels, electrical devices can be under water, which can cause potential electrical hazards. In this scenario, all of the wiring and devices need to be removed and replaced. If your mechanical systems, including the furnace, water heater or gas valves, were under water, these entire units need to be replaced. Trying to repair them could cause potential hazards.

If you do not have power, a portable generator can help with providing power for some of the tools you’ll need. Try to locate a generator that is at least 5,000 watts, as that size of a unit can run tools, fans and even a refrigerator to keep you well fed during the clean-up. To learn more about generators go to (Note: never use a gas powered generator in an enclosed area and always use the proper size extension cords.)

If you have finished walls in the home that were affected by standing water, those areas of the walls, including and insulation, need to be cut out and disposed. Insulation left in place can lead to mildew and mold growth. Use a cordless reciprocating saw to cut out the drywall or plaster and pull out any wet insulation. If you can identify the water line, cut above that line by about four to six inches.

Once it is opened up, use strong fans to circulate the air. Air movement is the key to get things dried out. Carpet fans and box fans can typically dry things out in just a couple of days. Once things are dry, the clean-up can begin. With the walls open you can start to ensure that mildew and mold do not grow. Use basic cleaners like Oxy Clean Outdoor or Simple Green with some warm water and wash down and rinse clear all the affected areas. Again, let air blow on these cleaned areas to dry them.

After the areas are cleaned, you can apply a mold inhibitor like Mold Control or a mold cleaner and inhibitor These products will ensure that mildew and mold won’t grow.

The next step is to control odor. Fresh Wave is an available natural odor neutralizer that started as a commercial based product. Their carpet shake, sprays and crystal gels will find the odors and eliminate them without a covering fragrance smell. You can find the product at many retailers across the country or at

Remember to take your time, use common sense and get as much help as you can.

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World Of Death

Family's Nightmare: Daughter's Accident Photos Go Viral

Internet Subculture Celebrating Death Feeds Into People's Perversions, Psychologist Says

With just a few mouse clicks, you can find pictures that are too graphic to show in the mainstream media -- images of horrible accidents, mutilations and death.

Nicole "Nikki" Catsouras was killed in a car accident on Halloween last year. Gruesome photos of the... Expand
(Courtesy of the Catsouras family.)

There's an Internet subculture devoted to death and gore with thousands of images, each bloodier than the next. For one family, an image that circulated on these types of Web sites added injury to already profound pain.

Nikki Catsouras was an 18-year-old college freshman living in California with her parents and two sisters. She loved to shoot videos on her camera, and ironically, it was a camera that would memorialize Nikki's life and death as a gruesome and macabre joke on the Internet.

It all started with a typical fight between parents and teenager when Nikki got caught sneaking a cigarette in the house.

"Nikki broke a house rule and we had a disagreement, and I took her car keys away," said Christos Catsouras, Nikki's father. Catsouras had no idea the next day would be the last time he'd ever see the daughter he called "Angel."

"As I was walking out the door, I kind of winked and blew her a kiss, and she winked back and flipped me a peace sign," he recalled. "I said, 'Bye, see you at two-thirty, love you. She said, 'Love you, bye.'"

Then, her family says, Nikki did something out of character. She took the keys to her father's Porsche 911 Carrera, a car that goes zero to 60 miles an hour in less than five seconds. She had never driven the Porsche before.

'The Whole World Is Seeing My Daughter'

According to state highway patrol reports, at approximately 1:45 p.m. last Halloween, Nikki Catsouras was traveling 100 mph on State Route 241, near Lake Forest, Calif., when she clipped another car and lost control, going across lanes over the median and slamming into a concrete tollbooth. She was killed instantly.

"Her head was more or less cut in two and sort of cleaved and then smashed. It's nothing that anyone should ever have to see," said Michael Fertik, the founder of ReputationDefender, a company that helps clients such as the Catsouras family remove items from the Internet. The Catsouras family was told they should never see the photos from the scene of the horrendous accident.

But as the Catsouras family was grieving for their daughter, the accident scene photos showing Nikki's mutilated body suddenly appeared on the Internet. "They didn't even let me see my daughter, and now the whole world is seeing my daughter," recalled Lesli Catsouras, Nikki's mother.

The family soon began receiving anonymous e-mails and text messages that contained photographs of the accident, including pictures of Nikki's decapitated body, still strapped to the crumpled remains of her father's Porsche. A fake MySpace page was created, which at first looked like a tribute to Catsouras but also led to the horrific photos.

"What type of individual would do that?" asked Christos Catsouras.

The pictures, taken by California Highway Patrol officers and e-mailed outside the department, became so persistent that Lesli Catsouras stopped checking her e-mail. Nikki's younger sisters were forbidden to use the Internet, and 16-year-old Danielle was taken out of school to be home schooled out of fear that her peers might confront her with the pictures.

The Catsouras family has filed a lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for allegedly releasing the accident scene pictures.

'Death Is Real'

Who would want to look at such horrible images? Shockingly, the Catsouras family says many people. At one point photos of Nikki's crash could be found on 1,600 Web sites in 50 countries.

"Everybody I know has either seen them or they know someone that's seen them," said Lesli Catsouras. "This was an expensive car and it was a young girl and she was also a very pretty girl. It was also Halloween, so it was just the perfect recipe for something like this."

Though the Catsourases hired ReputationDefender to remove the photos from the Internet, the images live on. "It spreads in bursts, and when it spreads, it happens very fast," said Fertik. "Whether it's right or wrong doesn't even matter when you're online. The digital world has no morals," said Ron Braunstein, who goes by the name Necro. Braunstein is a self-described death rapper who has made a career of exploiting gore in his music and on his Web site.

"Me personally, I've built a career around exploitation. I consider what I do real, everything is real, death is real," Braunstein said. He said his intent is not to shock people. "They're intrigued, they're into it."

Braunstein's site never posted the crime scene photos from Nikki Catsouras' death, but he has posted other accident photos. With thousands of sites like Braunstein's, there is no shortage of places to find disturbing images.

'Very Damaging'

"This is very damaging. It's desensitizing some people. It's feeding into the perversion for some people. It's one thing when no one suffers; it's very much another thing to be involving the suffering of others," said Dr. Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist.

"We all have some pretty primitive human emotions that are about sadism," Saltz said. " And there is something very gratifying about watching other people get hurt, or tortured or suffer violence."

Saltz warns that while curiosity is normal, an obsession with these images can be unhealthy. If they're pretty obsessed with it, and they're looking at it a lot, I would call it a fetish. I would call it a perversion."

On the first anniversary of Nikki's death, the Catsouras family cut together a video tribute with their own pictures of Nikki, set to the song "Angel."

"I feel like no one really realized she was a person, and they in a sick way got really entertained by this photograph, and it's just sad that someone can feel the need to put it out and keep it going on and harming others by putting it up," said Danielle, Nikki's sister.

"We are a real family with real hearts," said Nikki's father. "And it hurts what people are doing."

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Goleta Fire

Air support expected at daybreak to battle fire above Goleta

Firefighting helicopters and air tankers were expected to be airborne at first light Wednesday morning to battle a wildland fire burning in the mountains above Goleta.

Fire crews spent Tuesday night working to contain the moderate- to fast-moving blaze -- dubbed the Gap Fire -- that was burning down the face of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

Mandatory evacuations were ordered at 9:40 p.m. for the Glen Annie and La Patera foothill areas above western Goleta, including mainly rural ranch land.

Residents living north of Cathedral Oaks Road between Glen Annie Road and Fairview Avenue were advised to be prepared to evacuate.

An evacuation center was opened at San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Ave., in Santa Barbara.

By late Tuesday night, the only acreage update was 40 to 50 acres as of 8 p.m., according to officials at the fire information center, which was also providing information on fires burning in Monterey County.

The fire started along West Camino Cielo Road, west of Highway 154, at about 5:45 p.m. No cause was reported.

Flames from the blaze were clearly visible throughout the Goleta Valley, and residents gathered outside through the evening to watch the glow in the hills above.

No injuries had been reported as of 8 p.m.

Firefighting resources from Ventura and Los Angeles counties were on their way Tuesday night, including structure-protection teams and brush engines. By 11 p.m., officials were unsure if any structures were threatened, but engines would be on hand if needed.

Winds were reported at 15 mph to 20 mph in the fire areas, with gusts up to 35 mph.

Mild sundowner winds were possible, said Rosa Martinez Sotelo, fire information officer, but she noted fire crews were prepared for them.

“Right now winds are mild, (but firefighters) are establishing themselves in case,” she said.

The National Weather Service was calling for gusty winds from the north possible through early this morning through passes and canyons of the Santa Ynez Mountain range.

Fire crews were going door-to-door, talking to residents of the Glen Annie area, according to a report from county fire dispatch.

The blaze was initially moving slowly downhill, said Santa Barbara County fire spokesman Capt. Eli Iskow.

Before darkness fell, two air tankers were dropping retardant on the fire, which was moving southwest toward Goleta. However, tankers were grounded during the night.

“There is no immediate threat to any structures at this time, but we are taking all precautions,” he said.

Firefighters were attacking the blaze aggressively, Iskow said, trying to stay ahead and downhill of the flames.

A staging area was opened at Dos Pueblos High School in western Goleta, Iskow said. Two strike teams and structure protection from out of the area had arrived to help county crews fight the blaze, which was burning within Los Padres National Forest, Iskow said.

West Camino Cielo was closed to all vehicles except firefighting engines and brush trucks, Iskow said.

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PS3 Trophies

Sony PS3 Trophies: is your game in this list?

If you are an owner of a Sony PS3, then you will know that it is a big day for us, as the new 2.40 firmware update has adding the much anticipated Trophies feature. However; do not get too exited just yet, as most games do not yet support this feature. Some games will already support the feature, but one game, Super Stardust HD will require you to download an expansion pack, called the “solo pack”, this will then be followed by the “team pack”. These patches will feature Versus Match, Co-Op, true 5.1 orchestral soundtrack, split screen, trophies and ship editor. The free 4.00 patch will give you 17 trophies; you have to buy the additional expansion content to get these trophies.

Games that already support PS3 Trophies are LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, NBA 09, as well as SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation. We have also learned that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, BioShock, Burnout Paradise and Warhawk will get a patch to allow you to use the new “Trophies” feature. Ok a couple of these games are great and gamers will be exited to know that they can now use the new trophies in one of the above games, but come on guys where is the Trophies Support for Call of Duty 4. Ok so we know that Call of Duty 5 is released in November and that will get the new Trophy Support, but that is going back to the WWII story, boring.

If you would to read a hands on review about the Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.40 then read here. The new Trophy feature will use a four tier system, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, these trophies will be assigned by each games developer and not by Sony. The bronze medal will be awarded for competing an easy feat, and gold for the very hard ones. Once all three have been completed, you will then receive the platinum medals.

For a full report on the Trophies Feature visit PS3 Daily.

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Kristy Morgan Wins A Shot At Love 2

Kristy Morgan is the winner of Tila Tequila’s “A Shot at Love 2″

Last night Kristy Morgan was named the winner of Tila Tequila’s “A Shot at Love 2″. It’s said that when Kristy arrived for the elimination she was very nervous and tense. Tila Tequila decided to give Kristy a shot at love and asks Kirsty if she’s interested but Kristy started to cry as she said she was not ready for this, so she turns the key from Tequila down. Tila cries asking why she would do this to her and Kristy says she’s confused and accepting the key would make her not true to herself. So did Kirsty just enter this for fame not love?

It’s said that Tila feels very humiliated. She doesn’t understand what she’s doing wrong and why she keeps getting her heart broken. Do you know why this is?

Next week on A Shot at Love 2: Tila Tequila, Bo and Kristy gather for a reunion.

Do you think that Kirsty made the right decision?

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Ateles Saporis "Delicacy Ape" The Edible Monkey

New, Delicious Species Discovered

MANAUS, BRAZIL—An international team of scientists conducting research in the Amazon River Basin announced the discovery of a formerly unknown primate species inhabiting a remote jungle area roughly 300 miles from Manaus Monday. According to scientists in Manaus, the new species, Ateles saporis, is "an amazing biological find" and "incredibly delectable."
Enlarge Image species

A member of Ateles saporis, which scientists say tastes excellent broiled (below).

"We couldn't be more thrilled!" German researcher Dr. Jerome Keller told reporters Tuesday. "Very few scientists are lucky enough to discover a new species, let alone a mammal with a palatability on par with a tender, juicy steak."

"This is a seriously tasty creature," Keller added.

Although the creature resembles a large kitten, as a member of the Ateles genus, it is more closely related to wooly and spider monkeys. Ateles saporis, informally known as the delicacy ape, is a tree-dwelling herbivore that can measure up to a meter from head to tail. The adult delicacy ape weighs between 35 and 40 pounds and tastes wonderful with a currant glaze.

Keller said the new species boasts a gular sac, a distinctive trait that separates it from other species in the Ateles genus.

"The gular sac is a throat pouch that can be inflated, allowing the animal to make loud calls that resonate through the treetops," Keller said. "More importantly, the pouch can be stuffed with nuts or dried fruits prior to roasting."

Biologist Jeanette Bransky, who served as the research team's chief archivist, presented a series of slides showing delicacy apes cavorting in trees, caring for their young, and sitting thinly sliced on a platter next to roasted red potatoes.

"After careful study, we have determined that Ateles saporis is a very insulated species," Bransky said. "All of their food needs are met in the treetops. They're docile, affectionate creatures with a non-competitive social structure. They often sit grooming each other for hours on end, which explains why their meat is so marbled and tender."

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This marks the first primate species discovered since the nearly inedible Arunachal macaque was found in India last year.

"In our studies of the delicacy ape, we have noted several traits, such as play activities, that are almost human," Bransky said. "However, the similarities do not run much deeper than that. Take the loin, for example. Unlike a human's, it's so savory and delicate that it can be eaten just like sashimi."

"Raw or cooked, this species is one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century," added Bransky, licking her lips.

The team plans to research the species for another two months and then publish its findings in both the International Journal Of Primatology and Bon Appétit.

"We still need to complete an accurate population-density study," Keller said. "We assume that their habitat is limited to the Amazon and that their total number is very small. We need to gather data quickly, as the species is almost certainly facing extinction. I mean, it's that good."

Keller said the discovery of the delicacy ape underscores the importance of protecting delicate ecosystems from mass deforestation.

"The Amazon River Basin boasts the greatest biodiversity in the world, with countless potentially tasty species waiting to be discovered," Keller said. "As for the delicacy ape, I only hope there's something we can do to preserve it. Maybe we can get them to breed in captivity. Generations to come should have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of this majestic creature."

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