Jessica Bruinsma didn’t realize when she was shopping for a new sports bra that the bra would end up saving her life. Now Jessica’s story is all over the news.

Jessica Bruinsma fell off a ledge in the German Alps and was stranded for almost three full days. The mountain rescuers who had searched for her with 5 helicopters and 80 emergency workers since her fall on June 16th had finally given her up for dead. Jessica’s sports bra, however, came to her rescue. When Jessica spotted a cable car on its way up the mountain, she waited until a container carrying food passed her and she flung her sports bra into it. When workers saw the bra, they already knew of the missing hiker, and so they sent out a search party.

Men searching for woman without a bra on. Yes, this is novel.

Jessica Bruinsma is a 24-year old woman from Colorado who was hiking with a friend in the German Alps and lost her way. She fell 16.4 feet and landed on a rocky overhang. She dislocated her shoulder and badly bruised a leg in the fall, and the cliff where she landed was too isolated for her to climb free of it.

She stayed on the narrow ledge for the next 70 hours. Jessica Bruinsma found a supply box on the ledge and broke into it and found water that helped her endure the ordeal.

Once rescuers were notified of the bra signal, they sent a helicopter to follow the cable line up to the cliffside where they found Bruinsma standing on the ledge - waving with her good arm. They lowered a winch and lifted her aboard the helicopter. The fact that Jessica Bruinsma is in such great physical shape as a result of training for a marathon is credited with her surviving the harrowing experience so well. Rather than stay in Germany, Bruinsma has decided to go home to her family in Colorado to finish recuperating.