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Roy Williams

Roy WilliamsDallas Cowboys release safety Roy Williams.

Roy Williams is no longer a Dallas Cowboy.

After attempts to trade the five-time Pro Bowl safety failed, the Cowboys decided to release Williams, their No. 1 draft pick in 2002. Williams confirmed his release Thursday morning in a text message.

By cutting Williams, the Cowboys save roughly $2 million in salary-cap space in 2009 and close the book on a player who was once the face of the franchise.

Williams was named to the Pro Bowl from 2003 to '07, earning a reputation as one of the NFL's most-feared hitters. He was also named All-Pro in 2003 and only five defensive players in franchise history have played in more Pro Bowls than Williams as a Cowboy. He finished his Dallas career with 611 tackles, 6½ sacks, 22 tackles for loss, 21 quarterback pressures, 56 pass deflections and 19 interceptions. He returned three for a touchdown, one shy of the team record.

Williams, 28, was limited to three games in 2008 because of a twice fractured right forearm and he finished with just nine tackles.

The Cowboys signed Williams to a $25 million extension on Aug. 2, 2006, that included an $11.1 million signing bonus, which at the time was the most in history for a safety. But Williams' coverage skills became more of an issue over the last few years, something that he believed was a result in the change to the 3-4 scheme from the 4-3 system the Cowboys used when he was drafted out of Oklahoma.

Williams also earned several fines and was suspended by the NFL for a game for horse-collar tackles, which is commonly known as the Roy Williams Rule.

Williams was also one of the most involved players in the community with his Safety Net Foundation work for single moms, setting up offices in Dallas and Oklahoma to help families in need.

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Rodial Tummy Tuck

Rodial Tummy TuckWe came across Rodial Tummy Tuck slimming cream when we were looking for a skin care cream for a review. Since the promises that Rodial Tummy Tuck skin cream gives are very claiming, such as stomach flattening formula with stomach flattening micro fibers helping slim and visibly tighten the abdominal area, we decided users and providers to speak for themselves and our reader being the one making conclusions.

First let's look at the description of Rodial Tummy Tuck. Rodial on its product website writes that the Tummy Tuck is "clinically proven to reduce the abdominal area by up to TWO centimetres in 8 weeks." The "fig extract and neuropeptides break down fatty cells and boost cell metabolism. Use daily for two months."

In the same place, under the Testimonials, one reads that "Rodial Tummy Tuck gives you an instant tightening effect within minutes and will slim a whopping 2cm off your waist! " - Grazia. "Absolutly Fantastic that's all there is to say about it" - Louise Cannon.

Perhaps the Rodial Tummy Tuck is fantastic, but I would not say the same about the prices. It is very expensive and sells at £97.87 British pounds (in US I saw it sold for $130 dollars) in the Rodial's website. Indeed, not many people can afford the price tag for Rodial Tummy Tuck.

On the other hand if you think of the $4000 dollar price tag of Abdominoplasty, then the twice-a-day Rodial Tummy Tuck gel may make sense.

The writes that one can see visible results after just the first few applications of Rodial Tummy Tuck, with a measurable reduction of one inch in just eight weeks.

I searched for Rodial Tummy Tuck in hoping to find some reviews, but allas. No reviews were published there, neither positive nor negative. I asked a friend to give her opinion about Rodial Tummy Tuck. While she said it looked interesting she had not heard of it before. She said what she "read on the internet does not incline me to believe it would be of any use other than superficially for a few hours."

Our alternative advise is to encourage change in a lifestyle. We have not seen any diet or weight loss gel, cream to serve its purpose permanently. But we have seen people in the Mediterranean countries leading a healthy lifestyle filled with a physical activity. Our verdict is that more research is needed to justify the claims of the Rodial Tummy Tuck gel in the minds of consumers.

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Bozeman Explosion

Bozeman Explosion
Five businesses destroyed in Bozeman explosion.

So far it's been confirmed that five downtown Bozeman businesses have been destroyed in a Thursday morning explosion that rocked the city (photo gallery).

Boodles, Rocking R Bar, the American Legion, Lily Lu children's store and Montana Trails Gallery were destroyed in the explosion that occurred shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday in the 200 block of East Main Street.

A two-block radius surrounding the area has been evacuated and a fire continues to burn.

Thursday's gas explosion that destroyed a downtown eatery is the largest explosion in Bozeman in 24 years, according to Assistant City Manager Chuck Winn who spoke at a press conference at 10 a.m.

So far there are no reports of any casualties, Winn said, calling the explosion "a very serious incident."

Authorities said they believe the explosion originated at Boodles on Main Street.

Crews continue to work on battling the fire which is still burning in the city's downtown and are also working on preventing the fire from spreading to the east.

Authorities are asking people to stay out of two-block radius around the incident and are predicting that the downtown area will be shut down for several days.

Meanwhile, the National Guard is ready to mobilize to help out if needed.

One eye witness said she was eating at Main Street Overeasy when she heard the explosion. It sounded like a cannon firing, she said. Diners heard the explosion, felt the building shake, then the electricity went out.

Another witness reported seeing debris falling from the sky in the area as late at 10:20 a.m.

Another press conference is being held at 2:00 p.m.

The city is holding a press conference at 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning explosion that rocked downtown Bozeman, destroying a Main Street eatery and prompting the evacuation of the area.

Reports indicate the explosion happened just around 8:00 a.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Main Street in the city's downtown.

Boodles, a downtown bar and restaurant was destroyed. Police have issued a mandatory evacuation of the two blocks surrounding the eatery.

Crews are working to extinguish the fire at the restaurant where smoke is rapidly rising and power has been reportedly cut in a portion of Mendenhall.

Ken Olson, the owner of the Pickle Barrel, a Main Street restaurant in the area, said no one was in his eatery at the time of the explosion and he believes all of his employees are safe. There is no word yet on whether anyone has been injured.

A diner at Main Street Overeasy on Main Street described the sound like that of a cannon firing. She said diners heard the noise and felt the building shake. The power immediately went out, she said.

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