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Bunny Lake Is Missing

American single mother Ann Lake (Carol Lynley) has just arrived in England from the US, planning to settle in London along with her journalist brother Steven (Keir Dullea) and her four-year-old daughter Bunny. But when Ann arrives at Bunny's new school to collect the child at the end of her first day, Bunny is not there and the school has no record of her.

Police Superintendent Newhouse (Laurence Olivier) faces an array of possible suspects in Bunny's disappearance. Ann's Bohemian landlord, the ageing writer and broadcaster Horatio Wilson (Noel Coward), who lets himself into Ann's home whenever he pleases, proves to be a whip-loving masochist. Old Ada Ford (Martita Hunt), who lives upstairs from the school, collects recordings of children's nightmares. And is the closeness of Ann's relationship with her brother entirely healthy?

As the investigation proceeds, though, another possibility suggests itself. No one outside the family recalls ever having seen Bunny, while Ann and Steven claim that all of the girl's belongings disappeared in a mysterious burglary. When Stephen lets slip that Ann, as a young girl, had an imaginary friend also called Bunny, Supt. Newhouse begins to question whether Bunny Lake ever really existed.

Desperate at not being believed, Ann suddenly recalls that, before Bunny's disappearance, the girl's doll had been taken in for repair. She immediately sets off across nighttime London to try to recover the doll, convinced that with this evidence in hand the police will have to believe her. But when she gets to the "doll hospital", Ann discovers more than she has bargained for.

In the film's surprise denouement, Ann encounters Steven at the doll hospital. Her brother destroys the doll and it soon becomes apparent that he has something to hide. Ultimately, Ann finds Bunny in the now visibly disturbed Steven's (or "Stevie", the only name he answers to in that state of mind) car and faces a night distracting him from murdering both her and her daughter before the police finally arrive to take him away.

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A remake of Otto Preminger's 1965 psychological thriller about a woman whose four-year-old daughter disappears without a trace.

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