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Death Tunnel

Death Tunnel
The state of Colorado is lucky enough to house not only beautiful landscapes, but a lot of National Forest land as well. These facts motivate Coloradoans to get out there and camp and with the spring equinox just behind us; these memories will become a reality for us soon.

Not all Coloradoans go camping with the same initiatives skateboarding go camping with. We visit the gems of skateparks littered throughout the hills, and, tired and dusty from the trail, sit around the fire ring on our skateboards. And, of course, the eyes of a skateboarder are always keen to seeking out new obstacles, but whoever found this one must have had eyes in the back of their head.

It's not just a skate adventure, its an entire obstacle course to get it. First you must rope down to the waters of the reservoir and configure a raft apparatus, keeping your board dry, to get to the dry portion of the reservoir's enclosed (with a small hole atop) full pipe. The pipe is submerged in water during some times of the year, so this requires some pre-planning as well.

Let's get out there and enjoy this great state this spring and summer.

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