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FEMA Prisons

FEMA PrisonsApparently, there are a lot of secret FEMA prisons, where they keep Federal Emergency Prisoners until they finish filling out the mounds of paperwork FEMA requires, before telling them they don’t qualify and can’t get assistance. And then continue to contact you about the paperwork, long after they said you can’t get any help.

I dunno about you, but this story kinda stretches credulity, if you ask me.

It’s an Obama conspiracy? May that’s a little bit more believable.

Strings attached by the federal government to returning state money for federal programs may be invalid. States are rejecting federal intervention. Issues at hand involve the National Guard, Posse Commentates, and FEMA Prisons for events of rebellion [or civil demonstration] and revolution and a reimposition of the concept of establishing a North American Union. Take a look at Jerome Corsi’s book, “The Late Great USA”.

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