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The Fighting Sullivans

The Fighting SullivansThe fighting sullivans is a good old movie from 1944 about five iowa brothers who went into the navy after pearl harbor. It’s an amazing story that is not really that unique. Well it is rare but my grandfather who was one of 16 kids joined the US armed forces in ww2. They all came home alive too! But the fighting sullivans didn’t they all died in the war and it was tragic.

The movie is terrific and it’s hard to imagine that it is a true story. Many families had kids who joined the armed forces in ww2 because it was the thing to do. They fought one hell of a war agianst the japs and germans!! Those were the days when americans were americans. Nowadays Americans are merely foreigners living in american bringing their socialist values along with them and not conforming to american culture. The fighting sullivans is must see war story even if you dont really like war movies. I’m sure many american families today that have sons and daughters in iraq or afghanistan could appreciate this film. Go see the fighting sullivans.

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