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Walmart Gang Initiation

Walmart Gang InitiationWalmart Gang Initiation False!

Police confirm crazy reports of Walmart Gang Initiations are false. Walmart Gang Initiation reports have been dispelled as false by police this week in three states.

In Valdosta, Georgia, authorities are ruling the reports as “not credible“.

Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida officials want the public to know they are also false.

“According to some sources, it appears to be a rumor which began in 2005 from the Memphis, Tenn., area which over the course of the past two nights has become more widespread throughout Florida”.

Alabama press is telling citizens the same. Times-Journal of Selma, Alabama reports escalating false rumors there too.

Jim Leljedal, spokesman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office:

"No, no, no. These hoaxes and urban legends have been around forever. Now with the Internet they seem to travel with lightning speed."

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