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Bride Sues Guest

Bride Sues Guest

Bride Sues Guest Sandrina Purdum Jennifer Angevine!

I do … sue you! Bride Sandrina Purdum sues her wedding guest Jennifer Angevine for ruining wedding? Sandrina Purdum’s lawsuit against Jennifer Angevine sounds a bit like another wedding lawsuit LALATE told you in 2007.

In 2007, LALATE reported on New York bride Elana Glatt who sued her wedding florist because the flowers were the wrong color. The New York bride claimed it all ruined her wedding.

Now another New York bride is suing mad again.

Sandrina and Harold Purdum got married in September last year but during the ceremony Sandrina claims Harold’s then boss and wedding guest Jennifer Angevine threw a drink on another guest and exclaimed that she slept with Harold, allegedly shouting:

“Me and Harry were good together.

“You had to ruin everything by marrying him. You f- - -ed everything up,”

Purdum is reportedly suing for slander and inflicting emotional distress and battery and her hubby says he never slept with Jennifer.

Don’t mess with New York brides! No comment by Jennifer.

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