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Craigslist Killer

Craigslist Killer‘Numerous’ tips on Craigslist killer probed.

As a grand jury convened to interview witnesses in the horrifying murder of aspiring actress and model Julissa Brisman, cops were chasing down leads yesterday from “numerous tips” that poured in from people who think they know who the Craiglist killer is.

Police believe the killer is the same john who bound and robbed at gunpoint a 29-year-old hooker from Las Vegas in her room at the Westin Copley Place April 10. Like Brisman, she had advertised services on

Investigators do not believe any business was conducted between Brisman, who advertised as a masseuse, and her visitor before she died, a source told the Herald.

Police are urging other women who may have been victims and who recognize the man to come forward.

“There is a possibility that maybe women in this scenario are not reporting what happened to them,” said Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. “We’re hoping more information might lead to his arrest.”

Driscoll said victims who work as prostitutes need not fear that coming forward will incriminate them.

As it is unclear how many victims and crimes eventually might be attributed to the same man, Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, assured, “All aspects of (Brisman’s) homicide and any potential links to any other cases are under investigation.”

Northeastern University criminologist James Fox said the Craigslist killer appears to have killed Brisman to cover his tracks. “If he was concerned she was screaming and someone was gonna hear, one of the quickest ways to quiet someone is with a bullet,” he said.

Brisman’s friend, Mark Pines, wasn’t so sure. “I know if someone was robbing her and there was a threat, she would not resist,” he said. “She’d give them the money, which is why I feel she didn’t get killed over a robbery, and that she got killed over this person’s violent needs.”

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