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Jiverly Voong

Jiverly Voong
Jiverly Voong aka Linh Phat Voong.

42 year-old Jiverly Voong also known as Linh Phat Voong has been identified by authorities as the Binghamton shooter. Killing 13 and injuring many more, Voong who is of Vietnamese descent, was from nearby Johnson City, NY. Reports confrim Voong entered the American Civil Association building from the front after barricading his car against the rear exit doors.

As he entered through the front of the building he brandished 3 weapons, one 9mm pistol, .45 calibur and a hunters knife. He then shot and killed the receptionist as he made his way to the next room, shooting 2 others. After finding out it was her brother responsible for this massacre, Voong’s sister replied “He shot those people? No no.” She then went on to say that he takes classes there and couldn’t have been the killer.

Police found Voong’s body with his hunter’s knife wedged in the side of his waist on the first floor of the American Civil Association. Although no motive has been discovered, Voong was apparently laid off from IBM just a few weeks ago.

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