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MVA Maryland

MVA Maryland

Maryland ID fraud makes voter registration fraud easy.

MVA officials said the scale of attempted fraud is underscored by the volume of out-of-state calls to the toll-free number dedicated to scheduling appointments for applicants using foreign documents without U.S. visa stamps. During the last three months of 2008, almost one in four of the 297,1000 calls originated from 53 states and territories outside Maryland.

Relaxing voter registration laws is necessary to prevent disenfranchising as many as ten million (a made up number) citizens for whom registration is an obstacle. As many a ten million (a popular made up number) elderly and minority citizens do not have IDs. Laws,activists like The Brennan Center advocate, need to be relaxed so a (postage stamp receipt) utility bill can serve as ID.

Victor Torrez Gonzalez, 47, gave the MVA a Laurel address when he applied for a license in August, presenting a receipt for postage stamps as proof.

Activists insist that no one would ever risk voting with fraudulent IDs like Maryland issues. What if they were paid to do it?

Activists are simply too naive, inexperienced in election administration (vs theory) and willing to dismiss historic evidence that people do and will cheat if given the opportunity.

Maryland also prosecuted 507 immigrants last year for supplying false foreign licenses or other identity documents.

If citizens (and non citizens) will go to the trouble to obtain a fake driver's license, for which the penalties are just as severe as voting illegally, how can the argument be made they will not register and attempt to vote? There are incentives.

Even the Governor of Illinois was willing to play for pay.

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