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Nevada Unemployment

Nevada UnemploymentNevada Unemployment Rises to 10.1% in February.

New numbers released Friday morning show more than one in ten Nevadans was unemployed in February.

The unemployment rate now stands at 10.1%, according to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

That rate is nearly double what it was for Nevada in February of 2008 and puts the state on par with California's unemployment rate in January of this year.

The unemployment rate was even higher in the Reno-Sparks area. It climbed to 11.2%. Carson City had some of the worst rates in the state at 11.3%. Las Vegas faired relatively well with an unemployment rate of 10.1% last month. Since September the state has lost 50,000 jobs.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid released a statement Friday morning in response to the rising unemployment rate.

Senator Reid called the numbers "part of a troubling trend that makes it all too clear that we can't do too much to dig our state out of this economic hole," and urged Nevada leaders to "waste no time in accepting the unemployment assistance [Nevada] secured in the economic recovery package."

Reid pledged to continue work in the Senate to get the economy back on track.

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