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Oscar De La Hoya Retires

Oscar De La Hoya Retires

Oscar De La Hoya announces retirement.

Boxing's 36-year-old 'Golden Boy,' the sport's biggest star for more than a decade, will continue as a promoter.

Oscar De La Hoya, boxing's "Golden Boy" who capitalized on a stirring Olympic gold-medal performance in 1992 and then in his pro career captured the attention of millions with his rags-to-riches rise from East Los Angeles, announced his retirement today.

"I'm announcing my retirement. . . . When I can't compete at my highest level, it's not fair -- to me, [or] my fans," De La Hoya, 36, said a news conference outside downtown's L.A. Live complex. "Knowing that you're never going to compete again is a tough decision, but now I am looking forward to the future of boxing. When I cannot compete at this level, I have come to the conclusion that it is over."

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