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LAX Baggage Accident

LAX Baggage Accident

LAX Baggage Accident: Metal Baggage Container Sucked into Jet Engine.

An LAX Baggage Accident happened Monday when the vacuum from an engine on a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 sucked a baggage container off the cart and into the engine.
No Injuries Reported in LAX Baggage Accident

The baggage accident happened at LAX at around 1:30pm local time as the Japan Airlines Boeing 747 was preparing for takeoff. There were 245 passengers and 18 crew on the plane at the time but no injuries were reported.

Airport officials said the LAX baggage accident happened when the vacuum created by the air intake of the left outboard engine on the 747 was so strong it pulled the empty container off a baggage cart. The cart was either parked or driven too close to the aircraft. The metal box, which is used by airline baggage handlers to haul luggage to and from aircraft, measures approximately 5 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet.

After the baggage accident, Japan Airlines took the crippled 747-400 out of service and made other flight arrangements for the passengers and 18 crew members, who were returned to the Bradley terminal. The airplane, which has four engines, was towed to a hangar for inspection.

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