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Copper Thieves Take Down Sainsbury’s

Copper thieves take down Sainsbury’s

With the high value of scrap metal, opportunist thieves have been causing havoc around the country as they have been stealing power and telecom cables.

But now a group of thieves have found an easier target, computer network centres.

Yesterday thieves broke into the Cable and Wireless network centre in Watford, where some key equipment was stolen.

It is believed that the thieves were in actual fact looking for the valuable copper wire as this has now got a very high scrap value.

One of the sites taken down because of the break in was Sainsbury’s online store, but also the Financial Times and sites to do with the Ordnance Survey were affected.

For Sainsbury’s it would have been a serious blow to business, as this would mean an opportunity for the store competitors to capture some of their customers who were not willing to wait for the service to return.

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