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iPhone Launch Effected By Computer Chaos

iPhone Launch Effected By Computer ChaosA COMPUTER breakdown caused chaos at the UK launch of the new version of Apple's iPhone yesterday.

Some customers queued for 17 hours to be sure of getting hold of the latest must-have gadget, as supply problems left shops short on stock and many customers empty-handed.

But those who did manage to get one of the gizmos were left frustrated as computer problems meant they struggled to register their details or activate the device.

Apple staff blamed the glitch on telecoms partner O2's computer system running slowly as thousands of customers across the country attempted to register their new phones with the network.

O2 confirmed that Apple stores were having "technical issues" connecting to their online systems.

A spokesman said O2 and Carphone Warehouse shops - aside from Apple's own stores, the only places in the UK where the iPhone can be bought - were trading normally.

However, he admitted registration systems in O2 stores were running slowly.

He said: "Customer interest in iPhone has been phenomenal this morning.

"Sales are currently business as usual. Average transaction time is about 20 minutes, as per normal. We can confirm Apple stores are having technical issues connecting to O2 systems.

"The systems are currently working but quite slowly.

"We are working to get the systems back up to full speed as quickly as possible."

Both O2 and the Carphone Warehouse had to suspend online orders for the iPhone earlier this week citing "incredible demand".

The updated version of the touch-screen device, which combines the features of an iPod, mobile phone and internet browser, also includes a high-speed internet connection and GPS satellite navigation.

Users can also use it to check their email and download games, video and other free and paid-for applications.

But it has been criticised for the rapid rate at which the battery is drained.

It costs substantially less than the £269 previous version but can still only be used on the O2 network in the UK.

The 8GB version is free to customers who sign up to a £45-a-month phone tariff and the 16GB version is free to those paying £75 a month. On lower tariffs, the handsets cost between £59 and £159.

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