Custom Search a New Way to Get Coupons
The Savings Can Be Significant

Have the recent economic factors of increasing fuel prices and, the fact that crops and meat that have been tainted or downsized, expanded your food bill above tolerance level?

You are in company with many other Americans who are finding it more and more difficult to stock the refrigerator.

There is some good news! According to Amy Bickers and Thomas M. Anderson, associate editors of, world production of source food products is going to modify food and gas prices probably by next year.

However they don't stop there. Something that many of us have eschewed over the years as being too much trouble is making a comeback in a big way; coupons. Bickers and Anderson illustrate their reporting by pointing to Kristina Huddleston and Kurt Kloppensteiner. They have indicated that they save over $100 per month by clipping coupons; hardly an amount to be ignored.

The article asserts that a family of four can save over 25% of their food bill.However we live in a different society than we used to; it's much more high-tech and coupons have changed with the times. According to the article, there are sites such as, and, to name some key ones.

In addition to that you can go to a manufacturer's website and find printable coupons specific to their products; in fact, all of the aforementioned sites have printable coupons.All of these new coupon "weapons" can be used in conjunction with the Sunday paper coupons and by continuing to watch for store specials.Bickers and Anderson end their article by straying from the subject of coupons and suggesting something that my wife and I do, and, it works!

There is no getting around high fuel prices right now.

Unless you have a lot of money or are in some way compensated for travel fuel costs will hurt you. Their suggestion (and we have found it very effective in implementation) is to schedule all family business on one day.

This has other benefits such as forcing planning and routing trips.

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