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Teenager Finds Bat Hiding In Her Bra


Abbie Hawkins caused a right flap when she pulled a BAT out of her BRA in a hotel lobby.

The 19-year-old receptionist usually presents a cool front - but boobed when investigating an unexpected fluttering.

Abbie explained: "The bra had been on the washing line the day before. Driving to work I felt a vibration but thought it was my mobile in my jacket pocket."

But later she took out her phone - and something uninvited was still moving about. She went on: "I plucked up the courage to look and pulled out a little baby bat which had hid in my black bra's padding pocket."

Astonished colleagues rushed to help. Her manager caught the animal before releasing it outside the Holiday Inn, near Norwich International Airport.

Abbie added: "I was shocked but then sorry I disturbed it as it looked so snug."

The Bat Conservation Trust had never heard of a bat in a bra before but said they "roost anywhere dark or safe".

..and I found one in my trousers
Anna Buchan went batty when she felt something move in her trousers on the way to work.

She screamed on finding a 2in pipistrelle bat. It crept inside when Anna, 19, hung up her clothes the previous night. When she calmed down, the Aberdeen girl, right, said: "He was so cute."

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