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Iraq Suicide Hostage Not A Welshman

Iraq Suicide Hostage Not A Welshman

A BRITISH hostage reported to have committed suicide in Iraq was not one of two Welshmen in the abducted group, it was reported today.

Scottish newspapers reported that the private security guard identified in a video released by the kidnappers as having killed himself, but named only as Jason, was from Aberdeen.

There are understood to be two Jasons in the group of five kidnapped in Baghdad on May 29 last year and one is from Cardiff. Few other details are known about the men, including their surnames, because of a news blackout imposed by the Foreign Office.

British officials have today not been able to confirm the suicide claim, which emerged in a video released to the Sunday Times newspaper, and there have been concerns it could be a false claim aimed at putting pressure on the Government.

The video also included a harrowing message from another of the victims, a dad-of-three from Aberdeen called Alan. He said: “Physically, I’m not doing well. Psychologically, I’m doing a lot worse.”

The group of five also includes a 28-year-old called Alec, from Llanelli, and Lincoln IT consultant Peter Moore.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has described the film as “abhorrent” and promised to do everything possible to find the men.

Speaking on a visit to Israel yesterday, he said: “I will work with the Iraqi Government to secure their release and we will do everything in our power to work with everyone who is in a position to help us release these hostages.”

A series of unidentified security sources were reported, throwing light on the efforts being taken to find the men who have been in captivity for nearly 14 months. One said the Prime Minister had been on the brink of ordering a rescue mission before the video came to light. Another revealed that a rescue team came within hours of finding them early this year.

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