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Unclaimed Money / Missing Money

Unclaimed Money / Missing Money

Finding Missing Money with the Government's Help

What if there were a way for you to become wealthier than what you were right now? I am not talking about stealing or anything to that sort, but many people have missing money, unclaimed property, unclaimed funds, un-cashed checks or wages, and even unclaimed utility deposits. This money is yours and now you can find your missing money at is a place for people to go to find out if they have any missing money that they can claim. It is easy to find your missing money by entering your information into the selected fields and hitting enter or go.

Once you have entered the required fields, another screen will pop up that lets you know if you have any missing money anywhere in the United States.

If you find missing money that might be yours, will ask you a few questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions for unclaimed money then you will need to fill out an online form. Once the online form at is filled out, the government will contact you in regards to your missing money.

Retrieving your unclaimed funds is easy and each step that you take on the website will ensure that you missing money is returned to you as quickly as possible.

There are some who have spent their years not knowing that they have missing money out there and this is a way for the government to make sure that your unclaimed funds is back in your hands.

Since I was eager to see if I had any missing money, I filled out the online form and found many names that matched mine but not in any places that I have lived. I did however, find missing money for my dad along with unclaimed property that I am sure he can use.

My dad was a hard one to look up on since he traveled a lot in past. I did a search with his name and all the states that he had lived in. It is exciting when you find someone that you know who has missing money that they can claim.

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