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Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power

Bangor, Maine, Also Affected as Storm Plays Havoc with Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power has been greatly affected by a major Northeast storm which has left nearly thousands of homes without power.

Jim Brogan has written an article, "Northeast Storm Cuts Central Maine Power: Nearly 100,000 Without Power," in The Post Chronicle that reports at least 83,000 homes and businesses are without power.

The article goes on to say that in addition to the power outages that Central Maine Power has experienced, Bangor Hydro Electric has 12,200 customers without power.

In checking in with the Central Power Website, it is reported that the company is working hard to get service back to people. Unfortunately homes without power now numbering 129,150.

John Carroll, a Central Maine Power spokesperson, indicated that the company is addressing the problem in three steps.

They are making sure that there is no danger at the damaged sites. The next thing that they do is to assess the damage to their equipment so it can be repaired and will remain running.

The last thing that they do is get the service back to the consumer.

Something that I did not know was that people who have their own generators must make sure that they are properly installed or they could actually feed back into the major company system and break it down.

One other reminder is not to go near downed wires.

For a look at how power is restored step-by-step, visit the Central Maine Power website and connect with "Restoration." I have linked to that page.

The storm has continued to move north and has left snow and cold in its wake.

Most areas that are anywhere close to north have experienced power outages at one time or another. In fact in my city they can even occur during summer storms.

I have found it is always wise to have plenty of blankets available as well as at least a few canned goods as well as a flashlight and radio that use batteries.

Today there is a little extra help in that cell phones are so popular it aids most people from being stranded.

For those of you that may be in the Central Maine Power area, you may call 1-800-696-1000.

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