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Selection Sunday 2009

Selection Sunday 20092009 Selection Sunday Arrives to Start NCAA Tournament.

Selection Sunday 2009 is a day of reckoning for over 65 NCAA teams. For those lucky 65, Selection Sunday is a great day, where they get sent on their road to the Final Four. For about 10 more teams, the 2009 Selection Sunday is a day of infamy, as they discover that they finished just shy of making the NCAA Tournament. This year, Selection Sunday 2009 stands to be both predictable and topsy turvy, as the drama around the NCAA Tournament's top seeds and final at-large teams comes to an end.

Selection Sunday ends at 6 p.m., when the seeds for the East, Midwest, South and West regionals will be announced. For the last weeks, NCAA Tournament pundits have tried to figure out who the top seeds in those regionals will be. Unless the Selection Committee has some surprises left, those top seeds are likely to be Connecticut, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Louisville.

Selection Sunday narrowed down the list of top potential seeds, after many of the candidates lost in their conference tournament. Losses may have cost Michigan State and Oklahoma a shot at a 1 seed, dropping them down to the 2 line, if not further. North Carolina, Connecticut and Pittsburgh are expected to survive their conference tournament upsets, however.

Besides the likely number 1 seeds, programs like Memphis, Kansas, Duke, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Missouri, Villanova, Wake Forest and perhaps Syracuse are expected to receive top 4 seeding on Selection Sunday.

The rest of the 2009 Selection Sunday drama, as always, falls on the bubble teams that will probably be eliminated in the opening round anyway. The Big 10 could get as many as eight teams, if the bubble falls right for Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

Arizona could miss the NCAA Tournament for the first time in almost 25 years. Mid-majors like Creighton and St. Mary's are fighting for their lives. The SEC could be lucky to get more than 2 teams in the 2009 NCAA Tournament.

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