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OC RegisterApril Fools Joke Gets OC Metblogs In The OC Register.

Well I guess my little April Fools post fooled a few too many people last week! It was realistic enough that a few dedicated Disney web sites had to debunk it that same day! (See Disneyland News Today and the OC register’s “Around Disney” blog, whom have now taken down their “It was a hoax!” story)

According to Adam Townsend, one of the staff writers for the OC Register, Disneyland was flooded with calls from the various Disney-related websites, to see if it was true! **evil grin**

In the end, Adam contacted me, and all was worked out. Here’s the OC Register post of my interview with him!!! I’d like to commend Adam for actually checking the facts of the story before posting it. (Especially since he could have been in big trouble from his editor) Nowadays, everyone wants to be the first to break a big story so badly, that they often bypass normal fact-checking, and throw it straight on the web.

So, good catch Adam……but I’ll get you next April Fools!!!! ;-)

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