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Alysha Castonguay

Alysha Castonguay
Alysha Castonguay's Maxim Shoot OK, But Carrie Prejean's Pics Are Not?

Alysha Castonguay says Carrie Prejean is being unfairly judged for her scandalous photos.

Miss California Carrie Prejean may lose her crown after a website posted semi-nude pictures of the beauty queen, yet no one seems so riled over suggestive pictures of Alysha Castonguay, Miss Rhode Island, that appeared in the men’s magazine Maxim.

Castonguay posed for the magazine before her pageant competition and, to ensure she didn’t find herself embroiled in a scandal, showed them to pageant officials herself, Fox News reports. They approved them.

Asked about the Prejean controversy, Castonguay said she thinks people are targeting Miss California because of her controversial response to a question about gay marriage: Prejean said she thought nuptials should remain between a man and a woman, an answer that sparked a firestorm across the Internet.

What do you think, reader? Is this a double standard at play?

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