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Gary Dell Abate

Gary Dell AbateGary Dell'Abate First Pitch Becomes Internet Sensation.

Baba Booey's First Pitch Blunder Turns into Internet Thunder

Longtime Howard Stern show producer Gary Dell'Abate threw out the ceremonial first pitch Saturday at the Mets game and now the wildly thrown pitch is the latest Internet sensation. Indeed, the Gary Dell'Abate first pitch is buzzing the web like nobody's business.

Before we delve in to the reasons why the Gary Dell'Abate first pitch is such a hit, it needs noting that Mr. Dell'Abate was at the game because he was the host of Autism Awareness Day. So it seems that there is some truth to the old saw that no good deed goes unpunished. But in his usual self-deprecating manner, Dell'Abate brushed off the hilarious blunder by noting on Mondays show that the ball managed to stay in the frame.

I started listening to Howard Stern in the early 90s (I was late to the party) and immediately took notice of the fact that Howard teased his producer, Gary Patrick Dell'Abate, with merciless zeal. But, it was also very clear that Stern did so because of his great affection for Gary Dell'Abate. When he's not ripping Gary, he's commending him for his crackerjack management skills.

This is typical guy behavior, by the way. Many of us guys are uncomfortable displaying overt affection for our male friends, so we express it by putting them down. It's a rather bewildering dynamic (women probably have a hard time relating to it) but it is universal. And it almost seems that the more a guy is liked, the more he is teased.

Well, Gary Dell'Abate, who is now becoming known to a wider audience due to the Gary Dell'Abate first pitch sensation, is clearly very liked, because the teasing is viciously unrelenting. Gary is constantly being ripped a new one for having big teeth, enormous lips and horrendously bad breath. What an outpouring of guy love!

And, of course, Howard Stern fans have joined in on the fun. According to Wikipedia, one fan took to wearing a gorilla mask at Gary's public appearances. One could argue, I suppose, that Gary does resemble a gorilla (now I'm joining in on the fun), but Gary's much better looking. Sort of.

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