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Comcast Email Problems

Comcast Email ProblemsComcast E-Mail Sign in Page Down All Day. and its e-mail users are not having an easy time signing in today. The e-mail services of have been completely frozen out of their accounts today and unable to sign on, in a situation still ongoing.

For the entire day, the Comcast mail service has not been working, leaving millions of users with no choice but to either call Comcast, or reload their webpages every minute to see if their e-mail is back.

The problems on Comcast began this morning, and have not let up as of 3:15 p.m. Whenever users have tried to log on, they either get nothing at all, or an error message labeled "Error Code 400." More recently, users have gotten the chance to log on using the "Zimbra Collaboration Suite" but have had no luck.

Though's home page itself is working fine, it is the e-mail service that has aggravated everyone today. Occasionally, big Internet programs have extensive downtime and e-mail problems, but Comcast's e-mail problem is starting to stretch out longer than usual.

The only update many users have had is from Twitter, of course. Frank Ellison, Comcast's Director of Digital Care, has a Twitter page in which he has given sporadic updates to users.

Ellison previously Twittered that the situation would be fixed by 1 p.m. - then he Twitted that it would be fixed by 2 p.m. As of 3:15, there have been no further updates.'s last e-mail glitch came in October, but did not appear to last this long. October was also a time when Comcast cable was briefly down, interrupting viewership of Game 3 of the World Series.

For this massive glitch, the "Error Code 400" message provides these instructions. "Please contact Comcast Support by calling 1-800-Comcast or chat with a live Comcast care representative" But the volume of people likely to call this number should not help.

Unless any new updates come soon, the users around the world may need to use other accounts for a time, or keep reloading their pages. For those Associated Content users like myself who use Comcast, they will have to manually check for new comments, and for when their new articles go up, until the glitch is fixed.

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