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Richard Poplawski

Richard PoplawskiPittsburgh Shooting Richard Poplawski Stanton Heights!

Three Pittsburgh police officers are dead Saturday following a Stanton Heights shooting. Richard Poplawski is the shooter claims local news. A fourth officer is wounded. The events unfolded after officers came to investigate a domestic call in Stanton Heights. Instead they found Richard Poplawski heavily armed and shooting.

Here are the latest.

A standoff with Richard Poplawski started at 8 am local time. It took a three hour stand off before Poplawski surrended to officers at the deadly scene of 1016 Fairfield St.

Officers had arrived shortly before 8 am to serve a search warrant. After the shooting errrupted as many as 100 officers responded.

Little is yet know about Poplawski expect that he is in his early 20s and was shot today in the chest and leg but had been wearing a bulletproof vest. He reportedly telephoned a friend during the standoff:

“Eddie, I’m going to die today. Tell my mother and friends I love them. This is probably the end.”

His condition is yet unknown.

Flags for the city are lowered in honored of the fallen three officers, their names not yet released. A fourth’s condition is not serious and he is expected to be released today.

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