Custom Search LDS.ORG Seeks To Convert Non-Believers.

It's not as difficult to be a Mormon missionary as it used to be. In the old days, you had to go out door to door looking for converts like a religious version of the Fuller Brush salesman. Now you can use the power of the internet to reach out to potential devotees.

The Mormon church uses two internet domains to facilitate communications with web surfers. and are both web resources where current or potential members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can find material about the religion, and talk to Mormon missionaries who can fill in the pieces about devotion and service to the church.

Current church members chat with visitors on the web, and if there's enough interest, actually convert them.

"The point is to get to know them, find out what questions are relevant to them personally and then teach them. Many people would love to investigate the church but are not ready to have missionaries come to their house," Daniel Ware, who manages the Referral Center told the Salt Lake Tribune.

So far has resulted in 25 people being "baptised."

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