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Clipper Pacific Held In NYC

Clipper Pacific Held In NYCVenezuela-Bound Cruise Ship Gets Held In NYC For Safety Violations

Some 1,200 passengers and crew on board a cruise ship are extending their stay in the city after a routine Coast Guard inspection found 66 safety problems.

The Clipper Pacific was on its way from Greenland to Venezuela when it when it dropped anchor in New York City.

The inspection detected issues including a leak in the ship's hull, damage to lifeboats and problems with life jackets and fire safety.

A commercial diving company has made temporary repairs to the hull, but the vessel is being held at Pier 92 on the west side of Manhattan, until the Coast Guard gives the all clear.

Passengers have been let off to enjoy time in the city while repairs are made.

No timetable has been set for the ship's departure.

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