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Jorja Fox Returning To CSI As William Petersen Quits

Jorja Fox Returning To CSI As William Petersen QuitsIt looks as though there will be some changes next season for CSI; we have learned that Jorja Fox is to return to Crime Scene Investigation just as William Petersen is leaving.

Fox quit the show this year, but Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn has said that Jorja who plays Sara Sidle will be back for multiple episodes next season.

Jorja Fox will star in the season opener in September, also in that episode will be Gary Dourdan, who plays Warrick Brown, he is also on his way out.

Mendelsohn told the “We’re not saying whether or not Warrick lives or dies, but we will say that the premiere may be the last time our loyal fans see the entire original ‘CSI’ cast together.”

It was no secret that Petersen wanted to leave the show; he will depart in the middle of the new season. This has left a part wide open for someone to step in.

There has been much speculation as to who this will be; it is thought that Kurt Russell, John Malkovich or Laurence Fishburne could be joining the show.

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