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Jib Jab Debuts New Cartoon Featuring Barack Obama And John McCain

Jib Jab Debuts New Cartoon Featuring Barack Obama And John McCain
After the New Yorker Obama cover, satire for a presidential election has become a lot more controversial and delicate. But websites like Jib Jab, a cartoon video satire site, are still going on with mocking Barack Obama and John McCain nonetheless. In 2004, Jib Jab broke out with a cartoon song parody about George W. Bush and John Kerry, set to "This Land Is My Land." For the match up between Barack Obama and John McCain, Jib Jab is now inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan for their latest presidential song parody.

Jib Jab released their newest song parody cartoon today, which this time is a satire of the Bob Dylan song "The Times They Are a Changing." Jib Jab's choice of the song obviously capitalizes on Obama's message of change. For their version, Jib Jab calls the song "Time For Some Campaignin."

For the video, Jib Jab trades on some of the most common parody elements of Obama and McCain. Obama is often mocked for his starry eyed vision for change in America, so Jib Jab portrays him as riding unicorns in a fantasy world. McCain is constantly made fun of for his age and his support of the Iraq war, thus Jib Jab made the cartoon McCain a cranky, war obsessed old man dressed in a general's outfit and military helmet

However, Jib Jab also included shots at their old parody sources from 2004. President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the Clinton also make cameo appearances in cartoon form.

Jib Jab also has a feature where the viewer can insert his picture in a part of the video. A part of the cartoon has Obama and McCain posing alongside a white voter, which can be you if you upload a photo of yourself. But you have to be a Jib Jab member to share the edited video with others.

Although Jib Jab made it big with their Bush and Kerry video in 2004, it was before the age of viral videos and Youtube really took off. Jib Jab may have helped start the trend, but in a new age where anyone can create viral video parodies to put on Youtube and other video websites, Jib Jab is just another contender trying to make a mark on the Internet.

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